How To *Actually* Wear This Cute Viral Lip Trend: Lip Wings


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say again, TikTok is like a candy store for beauty lovers. It’s a whole new world of hacks, product recommendations, and industry secrets. With that said, there are some “hacks” or products that a) simply don’t work b) are not wearable or c) are straight-up dangerous! The hack in question today is an overlining lipstick technique, which falls into category b – it’s cute but we couldn’t see ourselves slaying a Bratz doll lip e’rry day. So, like any makeup lover, we studied the technique and transformed it, and TBH, we love the effect! Here’s everything you need to know.

The Viral TikTok Hack

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The hack: The hack that went viral over the past month, praised for its lip lifting effect, has been named “lip wings”. TikToker @HayleyBuix posted a Bratz tutorial in which she overlined her lips using black eyeshadow, she then filled in her lips with warm, smokey tones.

The hype: The video has almost 30,000 likes, which is kinda insane. Plus, it’s not only infiltrated TikTok but the tutorial has now moved onto Instagram.

How to get the look: First, Hayley starts by creating the lip wing by drawing an upwards flick on each outer corner before overlining her lips and Cupid’s bow. Next, she fills in the rest of the lip with a smokey eyeshadow, blending the tones together with her finger for a gothic pout. The final effect? Her lips look lifted and fuller than before – a total Bratz doll meets E-girl meets Y2K beauty vibe, and while we love the look, it’s not the most wearable trend for every day.

The Huda Beauty Lip Wing Hack

@hudabeautyLip contouring #hudabeauty #fyp #foryou #makeuphacks♬ baby one more time x levitating – Adam Wright


There’s plenty to learn from this TikTok hack, in fact, we’ve been using a more subtle version of the “lip wing” technique for years. Like a subtle extension of lip contouring, the wing helps to add a lifted look.

Start by drawing the “wings” on the outer corner of your lips with black or brown eyeliner. This will create a subtle shadow and make your lips look more defined. Then, take a contouring shade to create a shadow around the lip, which will help the lips to look more full. Once the shadow is created, take a nude-toned lip liner one to two shades deeper than your lips, then slightly overline the entire lip, blending the shadow and liner together using a dense makeup brush.

For a daytime look, complete the lip by applying a clear gloss – the added shine will further accentuate the faux-fullness. Alternatively, if you’re going full glam, apply your lipstick shade of choice and finish by dabbing a lighter shade at the center of the bottom and upper lip, then as always, blend, blend blend! 

Which Overlining Hack Do You Prefer?

The Viral TikTok Hack
The HB Overlining Hack

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