I Lost A Full Inch With This Cellulite Treatment


cellulite treatment

I don’t know why, but I’m always skeptical of cellulite creams claiming to make your cellulite disappear – it just seems too good to be true. But you know me, I’ll try almost anything in the name of beauty, which is why I’ve put everything from bee venom, Vagisil, snail slime, and placenta on my face. So, when my sister Mona told me that her salon, The Dollhouse, did a cellulite wrap that actually worked to reduce the appearance of cellulite and take off inches in trouble areas, of course, I wanted to try it.

The thing is, cellulite is one of THE hardest things to get rid of. Cellulite isn’t just fat; it’s caused by fibers that run through the fat (kinda like veins), which pull on a dermatological layer directly below your skin – this creates the dimpling effect we refer to as cellulite, which is most obvious on our thighs and bum. And, while it’s super common and certainly not something to be embarrassed about – 9 out of 10 women have it – I’m still all for trying things to improve its appearance. Eating healthily, being active, and dry brushing are ways to keep cellulite at bay, but if there’s a quick fix, in the name of research, I’m going to give it a go.

Here’s how the cellulite treatment works:

Step 1: Scrub the body for 15-20 minutes using an algae scrub, then rinse off. This smooths the skin and makes it easier for the following products to penetrate.

Step 2: Smother the body in an algae mask and then wrap entirely in foil for 20 minutes – resist the urge to break free and check your phone!

Step 3: Massage the body for 20-30 minutes using a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage using the Klapp Repagen Body Cinnamon cream to stimulate blood circulation (my fav part!). This step also encourages toxin removal via the lymphatic system and the reduction of excessive fluids (that’s water retention to you and me) in cellulite-prone areas.

The results:

The first time I did this, they measured a reduction of 0.2 inches off my thighs – I couldn’t believe it, and although this wasn’t necessarily something you will see, I could tell that my cellulite appeared a little smoother. This was all the persuasion I needed (and the fact it feels amazing), and I did three more sessions over ten days. By the end of the fourth session, I had lost an entire inch from my thighs, which is totally insane!

The process:

Here’s the deal though, it’s not magic. This will work better for some people than others (diet, hormones, and a lack of exercise are key instigators of cellulite), but I was honestly very impressed with how this worked for me. The Dollhouse recommend two sessions a week for five weeks, which should drastically smooth the appearance of cellulite. Sadly, it’s not a one-time thing, to keep the best results, a treatment every two weeks will help maintain the progress after your initial five-week course of treatments. Of course, you can’t go crazy and eat anything and everything, you still need to eat healthily and exercise when possible – it’s not a miracle treatment, but it is something I definitely plan to continue, as it’s worked so well for me.

We also recently discovered this non-surgical booty lift that massively decreases the appearance of cellulite on your thighs and bum, and it costs $130! Let me know if you’ve tried any creams or any other treatments that work well for you – I’m currently also testing out the Anne Semonin Lipoliss Intense Anti Cellulite Gel, which smells amazing, so I’ll let you guys know how that goes 😉