The Lunchtime Booty Lift That ACTUALLY Works (& Costs Less Than $150)


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How would you feel about popping out for your lunch break and, one hour and $130 later, sitting back down at your desk on a juicer, sculpted booty? It turns out this is now totally an option, and we have the before and after pics to show just how amazing this magical booty lift is – it takes less time than getting hair highlights and costs the same!

The thing is, in the last few years, having a juicier booty has become a thing. So, while squats can help, the beauty world created a fast track to a bigger bum with two types of cosmetic procedures: The first, the Brazilian butt-lift method, involves redistributing fatty tissue (taken from other places via liposuction) and adding it to the butt, while the second option uses butt implants. Not only were both expensive (we’re talking over $10,000), but implants came with a long recovery time and several risks.

Then there was Sculptra, a non-invasive technique that involved a plastic surgeon injecting a filler named Sculptra to add plumpness to the posterior. The filler is a type of lactic acid that stimulates the body’s collagen, so not only does it add volume, but it encourages your body to create collagen. Again, this was expensive, but it’s also possible that as the filler gradually dissolves, it could leave lumps and bumps behind if not properly done by a qualified plastic surgeon. To get the best look using Sculptra, repeated treatments are needed.

The new non-invasive butt-lift:

When one of our colleagues recently told us about a friend who had a butt lift that took no downtime, cost less than $150, and gave legit perky, juicy results, naturally, we had to investigate. So, to get all the deets on how the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift treatment works – sometimes also referred to as a vacuum bum lift – we spoke to Founder and CEO of PureRise Clinic, Caroline Findlay, to find out how they perk up and smooth out butts to give an overall, shapelier, more bootylicious behind.

non-surgical butt lift

How does the non-surgical butt lift work?

“What we essentially do is we use our unique machines to melt the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin on or around the butt area. Once we have melted these pockets we can then use our techniques to reposition some of this malleable fat in such a way that it lifts the buttock contours, improving the shape of the butt. Any broken-down fat is then disposed of naturally by the body using the lymphatic system.”

Caroline also told us another bonus, “Simultaneously the treatment reduces loose skin, treats stretch marks and cellulite from the butt, thighs, and saddlebags.”

How long does the treatment take?

“The treatment takes approximately an hour to complete including the initial consultation.”

Can anyone do the procedure?

“As we are not injecting anything into the body, we are relying on the clients existing fat cells and pockets to create the lift and shape. As such, a lot depends upon the clients’ existing shape, genetic make-up, and how well they respond to treatment. Many clients see a noticeable difference after just one session, others, however, go on to have two or more sessions to get the shape they’re happy with.”

Is the treatment permanent?

“The treatment is permanent as long as the client maintains their BMI. But, of course, this very rarely happens, so quite a few clients do come back after a few months for another session, especially before their holiday.”

“The results do to a degree depend on the clients’ genetics… If you imagine two identical people who attend the gym regularly and achieve similar results, if they both stop going to the gym at the same time but eat similar diets you’ll find that one will still maintain gym gains for a longer period than the other. It is the same principle with the treatment with results lasting longer for some clients.”

The price:

The PureRise non-surgical butt-life (based in Liverpool, UK) costs £95 for the standard Bum Lift or £125 for the Bum Lift PLUS.  Caroline explained that “With the PLUS treatment we provide not just a lift to your butt area but we use enhanced sculpting techniques to sculpt areas above, below and to the sides of your butt to provide an even greater effect on your overall shape.”

If you don’t live in the UK, don’t worry, you can still get one too! There are other clinics offering similar treatments, like the Beauty Fix Med Spa, based in New York, US.

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