The Making Of Our #FauxFilter Foundation

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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation

Words cannot describe how excited I am for everyone to try this foundation – and I really mean everyone! This was a project developed so that every single person could feel and look beautiful in their own skin. We took ages to perfect everything, from the shade and the formula to our campaign images.

The Making Of #FauxFilter Foundation 

The process of creating this foundation has honestly been one huge emotional journey for my team and I. It really was super important that every person should be able to wear our foundation, no matter what their skin tone, undertone, or skin type. So, we scoured Dubai and tested it on anyone we could get our hands on, from family and friends to our entire office, models, waiters, and neighbors. I spent months working with different skin shades, understanding the different undertones, and testing shades. The formula is another thing I’m so proud of; it’s soo full coverage, so if you have acne, pigmentation, or redness, this will really create a flawless faux filter effect. But it can also be tailored so that if you only want medium or light coverage, it will blend flawlessly with our primer or a moisturizer to give you less coverage. #FauxFilter is also perfect for all skin types so whether you’re oily, dry, have sensitive or combination skin, this will work for you.

The Campaign Shoot

huda beauty faux filter foundation

The focus of the shoot was to showcase the full spectrum of our shade range with real people that would be relatable, whether that was the gorgeous air hostess I met on a flight, Mona’s BFF, a singer, waitress or part-time model! The shoot was so much fun, we wanted each person’s personality to shine through, so our poses were all natural and fun, nothing contrived. Together with a team of three other makeup artists, we decided to go with a natural look that would let the radiant finish of the foundation shine through. I wasn’t even planning to be in any of the shots for the campaign either; at the end of the shoot, the girls grabbed me for a huge hug, and our photographer snapped it. I didn’t even have my hair done or my makeup freshly applied!

I’m so psyched that it’s less than 2 weeks until you can try the #FauxFilter foundation! I hope you guys love it as much as I do, and I truly believe it will revolutionize your makeup game.