Meet Our 2 New Stunning Limited-Edition Liquid Matte Shades

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Limited Edition Liquid Matte ShadeWearing shade Queen Of Sheba

Hey my loves! I am so happy I can finally tell you guys about this super special collab we did to create two totally new Liquid Matte shades! We teamed up with two of our amazing BAs (business advisors) from iconic UK stores; Bilkis from Harrods, and Sana from Selfridges. Both Sana and Bilkis are real hustlers that are truly so passionate about helping you guys find the perfect beauty products for you. They work so hard to make all of your dreams come true that we wanted to make their dreams come true and create a product with them! It was really special for us to be able to bring them to Dubai and get them involved in the whole product development process so that they could each create their own shade of our cult Liquid Matte Lipstick.

Limited Edition Liquid Matte Shade Selfridges and Harrods

So, we’ve reworked our cult Liquid Matte Lipstick into two new modern shades. With the help of these amazing ladies who spend so much time with you guys at the beauty counter, they’ve shared all the insider info on what you guys want! Formulated with our classic Liquid Matte formula, these limited edition shades provide powerful pigment and comfortable wear that lasts, in shades they know you’ll love!

Meet the New Liquid Matte Shades:

Queen Of Sheba:

Huda Beauty LM Queen Of Sheeba-5

Made by Bilkis and available exclusively at Harrods, Queen Of Sheba is a sexy muted pink shade with a subtle blue undertone for a classic pout that will work with any look.

Bilkis’ inspo for the shade: “My inspiration for creating the shade comes from my own personal difficulties of wanting to have that one perfect lipstick that I can use all the time rather than having to carry about 45 lipsticks on a night out, trying to achieve that perfect color.”

Read our interview with Bilkis here.

Girl On Fire:

Huda Beauty LM Girl On Fire-2

Created by Sana and exclusively available at Selfridges on Oxford Street, Girl On Fire is a hot and toasted red with a pink undertone for a strong and sexy ‘all I do is win’ look.

Sana’s inspo for the shade: “My main inspiration for this shade came from me adding and mixing so many different colors to get the perfect red, which I’ve never been able to find – until now!”

Read our interview with Sana here.

When creating these shades together, we took inspiration from the close relationships that Bilkis and Sana had with their Harrods and Selfridges customers. We looked into all their beauty wants and needs and worked closely with our product development team to create two gorgeous new shades that we all felt were perfect new additions to the collection and sexy must-have shades in their own right.

Sana and Bilkis were so deeply involved in the creation process that I wanted each of their shade names to be inspired by them. I chose Queen Of Sheba for Bilkis, as she shares the Arabic name with the iconic Qween, and Girl On Fire for Sana, whose name means Radiance in Arabic – Sana has such a beautiful light that radiates from the inside out.

The Formula:

Our cult formula has literally been infused with LOVE! A blend of lycopene, olive oil, vitamins, and essential fatty acids (AKA the perfect blend of ingredients with antioxidants!). Together, they create that barely-there, featherweight feeling on the lips while keeping the color beautifully intense!

Both new shades will be available to shop on July 13th. Shop Girl On Fire exclusively at Selfridges, and get Queen Of Sheba exclusively at Harrods; both available online and in their London stores.