Would You Stick Needles In Your Face For Better Skin? We Did...


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While the idea of someone coming toward our face with a bunch of needles sounds terrifying, a long list of skincare benefits will convince us to try any treatment – anything in the name of beauty!

Mesotherapy is just one of those treatments, and it involves injecting your face with skin-loving ingredients to achieve a whole array of skincare benefits: tighter, plumper skin, reduction of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles. Here’s everything you need to know about mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy: The Treatment

Mesotherapy is a noninvasive treatment that involves a series of minor injections to the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin). Within the needle is a cocktail of ingredients, which can be tailored to the specific result you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re looking to reduce dark spots, you’ll require different enzymes to break down the pigmentation, and if you’re trying to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, you’ll insert proteins to help restructure the skin, as well as peptides, growth factors, and antioxidants – a typical blend can include around fifty ingredients!

The treatment lasts around 20 to 40 minutes and begins with the application of numbing cream (you won’t feel your face for 30 minutes after, either) and a consultation. The actual process of injecting the solutions only takes minutes. After that you can return to your day as usual – large bruises and swelling are uncommon, although there may be some small insertion marks that they can be concealed with mineral makeup.

Mesotherapy: The Cost

It’s important to note that mesotherapy isn’t a cure-all and it’s not a one treatment miracle wonder. You need to do three to five treatments to see the benefits and each individual treatment costs around $350. Mesotherapy courses are recommended weekly for the first month, twice weekly for the second month and then monthly. From the first treatment, you can expect a ‘mesotherapy glow,’ mainly due to the increased hydration – your skin is essentially getting a tall glass of water and a meal of vitamins and nutrients, but this isn’t particularly long-lasting without doing the full course of treatments (five to six are recommended as a minimum).

Mesotherapy: The Benefits

The best thing about mesotherapy is the wide array of benefits; from the skin to the scalp…

How mesotherapy can help the skin: Mesotherapy can help target a range of skincare issues from sagging skin and acne scars to melasma, sunspots, and dark circles. Most commonly, a mixture of growth factors and peptides will be inserted to help stimulate skin cell production and increase the production of collagen, aka what keeps our skin plump, tight, and supple. Alternatively, you can insert vitamins and nutrients to reduce unwanted pigmentation by manipulating pigment production. If you have indented acne scars, mesotherapy could also be a great treatment method; with the insertion of hyaluronic acid, it’ll volumize the skin, while other amino acids can promote skin regrowth and healing.

How mesotherapy can help the scalp: Mesotherapy can also be used to address hair loss, whereby a microneedle injects nutrients into the scalp to stimulate activity in the hair follicle. This will help increase blood flow, encouraging the follicle to produce thicker, stronger hair. While this sounds incredible, be prepared as it’ll take multiple treatments over the course of months before you’ll be able to see a change in hair regrowth.


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How mesotherapy can help remove excess fat: Some clinics use mesotherapy as a weight-loss treatment as it can help tighten excess fat and loose skin, and it can even improve the appearance of cellulite. For this mesotherapy treatment, an enzyme is injected into the skin that disrupts fat cells, which will then be released through the lymphatic system and removed via the body. Most commonly, this is used to address excess fat around the jowls or underneath the chin. A minimum of eight sessions is necessary to see good results.

Our verdict: We tried mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation at the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center Clinic in Dubai, and while we didn’t find it too painful, it was a little uncomfortable. Our skin definitely looked glowier over the next 48 hours, but as we only had one treatment, we didn’t see long-term benefits. To make the most of mesotherapy it really is important to commit to a full course for real results, so see if your clinic offer packages to help reduce the cost. As a one-off treatment, we wouldn’t recommend mesotherapy as the results for the price aren’t long-lasting enough.

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