Metal Is The Slick Fall/ Winter Beauty Trend We’re SO Here For

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metal beauty trend

Looking for a new way to bring an edgy twist to your beauty look? Go metal! From silver-dusted eyelids to golden nail accents, metal-inspired beauty looks are totally trending right now, and we’re here. for. the. glitz. For some real-world inspiration, we reached out to professional makeup artists about the trend and asked them to share some of their favorite ways to incorporate metal into makeup routines this fall and winter.

Simple Silver Eyeshadow

Neutrals are a safety go-to, which can make an eyeshadow color like silver feel like you’re really pushing the boundaries. Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson tells us not to be afraid, but to be deliberate when wearing this metallic hue on your lids.

“Silver can be a tricky color to rock. When done well and simply as the [singular] focal point on the eye, it’s a stunning statement and pop of color,” he says. “It needs no introduction – only dropped jaws at how amazing it is!”


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To pull it off, apply to your lids and keep the rest of your look more subdued and fresh-faced. We like NYX Professional Makeup Pigments in Magnetic, $6.50, and Buxom Eyeshadow Bar in Metallic Silver, $12. Pair it with a volumizing mascara, such as Patrick Ta’s new Major Volume Mascara, $29.

All-Over Golden Glow


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This artsy look will have you feeling like an art piece. It pairs a flawless base with a glam-neutral look including natural but defined brows, a smudgy lash line, and subtle ombre lips. On top, add a sheen of a true gold highlighter. Get liberal with it, extending the highlighter up to your eye just under the brow bone, on the Cupid’s bow, and the chin. You can even add some to your collar bones for extra effect.

Freck’s Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighter in Big Bang, $28, or Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H. GLAZE Skin Glowing Perfector, $35, will help get you there.

Graphic Oil-Slick Eyes

“I love the combination of a graphic shape mixed with a light-reflecting metallic aspect to it,” says celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myricks. “I’m even more inspired by the people who love to play with these styles and textures. It’s bold and mesmerizing, and you can’t help but stare!”

To get the look, use Danessa Myricks’ Twin Flames, $26, on the entire lid. It’s a multi-chrome, liquid shadow that shifts between blue, purple, and teal. The waterproof, high-shine formula is super dreamy and won’t betray you through the day or night. You can elevate the look further with Infinite Chrome Flakes, $25, in Strobe Light, Fireball, and/or Shooting Star. It’s a flaky topper that you can dab directly on top of any shadow or even bare lids.

Gilded Nails


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“I love gold anywhere I can put it and make it make sense [to do so],” says Crimson. “My friend, Chaun Legend, always does something unique and interesting with the nails and with gold. No matter if it outlines a hot design or full-on represents for the nail itself! It’s hot hot hot.”

Try a gold-dipped French mani, all-over gold, or a bit of golden glitter on top of a neutral hue. Crimson also has a pretty sweet hack for this one, which involves gold eyeshadow!

“Take clear nail polish and your favorite metallic eyeshadow – perhaps one that’s broken – and add it to the clear polish. Now you have a custom polish,” he says.


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For the look, try Red Carpet Manicure Insta-Chrome Pens in Gold Holographic, $10, and China Glaze Strip Rite in Van-Gold the Distance, $7

Sparkling Lips


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Take your lips to the next level by coating them in sparkly goodness. The key is to use high-quality, cosmetic-grade products that will hold up throughout the evening. Pat McGrath Labs’ three-piece kit in Rose Desire, $32, will get you there.

You’ll start with a matte lipstick, then add clear gloss on top before applying a metallic mauve glitter. If you like the glittery look but prefer a little less, try Pat McGrath’s OpuLUST Gloss, $30, instead. You can apply it on top of any lip color.

What’s your take on the metal beauty trend? Let us know which way you plan to try it first!