5 Irresistible Perfumes Mona's LOVING Right Now


KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 fragrance notes

In honor of National Fragrance Day, we wanted to pass the mic over to our very own perfume princess, AKA Mona Kattan. As you probably already know, Mona is obsesssssssed with fragrances. Literally, she has an entire room in her house dedicated to storing her perfumes. So naturally, as someone who is constantly testing what’s hot in the fragrance bizz, we needed (yes, needed) to know her top five scents RN. Here’s what she’s love, love, luuuuurving…

1. KAYALI Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64, $138

Notes: Vanilla surabsolute, golden rum, creme brulee, brown sugar, royal oud, and sugared patchouli

City energy: Glam nights out in Dubai

The DL: She’s opulent, she’s luxurious, she’s expensive! KAYALI’s Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli is literally the QUEEN of vanilla-based scents. She’s deliciously creamy, but thanks to the sweet, spicy notes, and woodier notes, she’s also unexpected. The fragrance journey will be unlike any gourmand juice you spritzed on your skin. Trust us!

2. Mancera Rose Vanille Eau de Parfum, $81

Source: Mancera Paris

Notes: Lemon of calabre, morning dew, rose loukoum, cedar wood, vanilla sugar, and white musk

City energy: Walking through the streets of Paris in Spring

The DL: This juice is oh-so-romantic – it kinda reminds us of the feeling of falling in love. First, you are greeted with energizing citrus notes before floral notes flood your senses, finally revealing sweet and sensual, creamy undertones. One word: j’adore!

3. Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses, $385

Source: Louis Vuitton

Notes: Centifolia rose absolute, Bulgarian rose essence, oud wood, ambergris, black pepper, and saffron

City energy: Hot summer nights in Cairo

The DL: This juice bottles up the magic of the desert and sunrise at dawn. The timeless perfume blends captivating notes that play with hot and cold scents. It explores the richness of nature and has this irresistible depth with hero notes, including Bulgarian rose and oud. We realize she comes with a price tag, but she’s so special.

4. KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25, $138

Notes: Pink Pepper, bergamot, royal lily, saffron, Bulgarian rose, magnolia, vanilla orchid, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, and golden amber

City energy: The blinding lights and busy city energy of Tokyo

The DL: Sweet, spicy and electric, this juice will send your senses into overdrive. It exudes an energetic, flirtatious energy that we just can’t enough of. It’s the ultimate mood-boosting scent with notes of sparkling pink pepper and rose paired with creamy base notes.

5. Georgio Armani Privé Vert Malachite Eau de Parfum, $198

Source: Giorgio Armani

Notes: Orange, petitgrain Sambac, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, lily, and vanilla

City energy: Island hopping in Greece, from Mykonos to Santorini

The DL: It’s giving greek goddess. Fun fact: malachite is actually devoted to the goddess Venus and is supposed to promote luck and renewal. This juice harness divine feminine energy, balancing fresh yet sensual notes like orange and sambac with floral notes including ylang-ylang and lily. Spritz it on your skin, and you’ll feel powerful AF.

What’s your fave perfume right now? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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