Mother's Day Gifts Every Kind Of Mom Will Actually Love


Mothers day gifting

If you’re still scrambling for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The only question you need to ask yourself is: what kind of mom is she? Is she boujee and loves the finer things in life or does she love wellness and live for a yoga retreat? Or is she the cool mom providing you with mocktails from 4-6? Whatever type of mum she is, we’ve got all the gift ideas that’ll make your mom feel like an absolute queen while scoring you some major brownie points.

For The Boujee Mom

Mother's day gifting

Source: Nailsinc, Kayali

If your mom has a better social life than you, looks perfect at pick up, and is the first to tell you about the latest K-beauty skincare trend, then she’s deffo a boujee mom. She’ll love fragrances that makes her feel special and powerful, and the Kayali Miniature Set, $95, includes all four divine Kayali fragrances that she can layer together to create her own signature perfume. We also love the Nails Inc. Gel Effect Mini Nail polish set, $35, which features five spring tones that are perfect for an at-home pamper session for the two of you to do together – probably over cocktails!

For The Mogul Mom

mothers day giftingSource: KiKKI.K, Mon Purse, Amazon

Give your mom a daily reminder of your love and respect for her hustlin’ lifestyle with a personalized planner like the KiKKI.K Personal 18-Month Medium Leather Planner, $51. If she’s more of a schedule-on-her-phone-kinda-SH-E-O, then a personalized card holder with her initials on, like the MON Purse Grainy Leather Card Holder, $39, will remind her of you every time she uses it! Otherwise, Michelle Obama’s autobiography Becoming, $14, is an easy win; it’s been labeled THE book of 2019.

For The Wellness Mom

Mother's day gifting

Source: Sahara, Yin

If your mom starts her day with yoga followed by mindfulness and meditation, she’ll love a YIN yoga mat, $83. The mats are sustainably made from 100% recycled cork, plus they’re so cute. If your mom loves all thing wellness but isn’t a yogi, then the insanely delicious Sahara & Co teas,$15, will go down a treat (read our full review here). They’ll help her detox and cleanse and it’ll create the ideal excuse for you guys to spend some quality (tea) time together.

For The Domestic-Goddess Kinda Mom

mothers day giftingSource: Slip, Amazon

Your mum is the ultimate homemaker and takes pride in her home and loves to cook and keep you well fed. If this is your mum, she’ll be super stoked to receive Chrissy Teigen’s latest cookbook Hungry For More, $18, or the Slip Silk Pillowcase, $119, which will make her feel super luxe and keep her hair looking fresh. BTW, you can find loads of amazing silk pillowcases for less on Amazon.

For The Cool Mom

Mother's day gifting

Source: Hortense

There’re no secrets between the two of you, she is by definition, the “cool mom.” You can tell her anything, and she keeps up with everything from the women’s march to the latest Fenty drop. If this sounds just like your mom, then she needs (and will love) to glow like the diamond she is all summer long with the N.Y.M.P.H body highlighter, $49. She’s probably also a big fan of some quality me-time in the evenings, so help her pamper herself like the queen she is with a Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $32 – it’s the perfect skincare indulgence for beauty lovers.

For The Regular Mom

mothers day gifting Source: L’Oreal, Glow Recipe, The Body Shop

If your mom doesn’t fit any other description other than the classic mom; she’ll love a pamper set – who doesn’t? Get together some beauty products you know she’ll love and use, which will give her the perfect excuse for a little me time. To make the ultimate kit, include a face mask, hair mask, and body scrub. The L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Mask, $6,  has been our fave for years, and we’ve been using the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask, $8, since its launch, while the Body Shop Moringa body scrub $20, just smells soooo good! You can use anything you know she’ll love.

For The Sentimental Mom

It’s a pretty safe assumption that all moms simply appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a gift. But if your mom is particularly sentimental, then she’ll love a collage (it’s also a great money saver!). Here’s how to DIY your own:

1. Find a cardboard box and cut it down into the size of a piece of A4 or A3 paper.
2. Cover the card in floral or pastel wrapping paper.
3. Get together all your mom and daughter pics and print them out, as well as any favorite memories you know she’ll appreciate.
4. Paste your fav pics of you and your mom onto your beautifully wrapped card, add in any other mementos, and you can always sprinkle some glitter or fun stickers on if you have any – et voila! A super cute, personalized gift.

Let us know if you have any other gift ideas in the comments below.