Why I’m Obsessed With Thread Lifts

Cosmetic Treatments

If you haven’t heard, thread lifts are kinda like Hollywood’s secret to younger-looking, tauter, and tighter skin. I’ve been obsessed with thread lifts for years and I’ve tried them in all kinds of places, from my jawline to my chin, and even the A-list use them all over their bodies to tighten the skin on the chest, neck, elbows, and knees.

If you want to see the process live in action, check out this video where I get fillers and thread lifts.

How Thread Lifts Work:

What’s great about thread lifts is they’re super quick, not too painful, and the results last for years. The procedure involves placing needles in the skin, which are preloaded with a PDO thread (Polydioxanone). The needle is inserted into the skin, and after it’s removed (around 20 minutes later) the PDO thread remains in the skin – the thread is fully absorbed into the skin by the process of hydrolysis within 4 to 6 months.

Nova-Threads-DiagramSource: Nurse Jamie

The threads add an immediate tightening effect, while even better results are seen in the following weeks as they stimulate collagen production, so even when the thread has dissolved, the lifting effect remains. Best results are seen at around six weeks post-procedure.

You can literally do thread lifting anywhere, and I think my fave way to use it is to tighten the skin at the jaw. Using threads along the jawline is ideal if the skin here starts to sag, as it really lifts and tightens the skin. There’s even a new way to use threads that involves placing them in the lips to add volume and definition, check it out here.

Have you guys ever tried thread lifts? And my loves, please make sure you always choose a board-certified dermatologist or licensed cosmetics expert.