My FAVE DIY Face Masks Of All Time


my fav DIY face masks

I’ve been obsessed with DIY beauty ever since I was a kid. My mum had this mind-blowing book on DIY beauty treatments and she always showed me these awesome hacks with natural ingredients: Anything from treating nail fungus with garlic, to coconut oil in your hair, and using potatoes to brighten. I’ve been hooked on DIYs ever since, and regardless of how many brilliant beauty products I find, I still always revert back to the timeless mixes I’ve been using for years. I find it super interesting researching cool ingredients and trying out new masks with natural products, and it’s SO fascinating how nature literally has a remedy for everything! I love that these DIYs are made with all-natural ingredients, and even more, because I always have what I need in my kitchen, so it’s both inexpensive and great for your skin. Here are my top three DIY face masks:

Acne Mask

Nutmeg is an incredible DIY ingredient, it’s used in Chinese medicine to treat inflammation, and it can help soften acne scars, improve dry skin and stimulate your blood circulation. The other star ingredient, milk, is perfect for treating acne. Milk can help calm sensitive and inflamed skin, while it also has the power to remove oil-soluble impurities due to the lactic acid – yes please! Check out my tutorial:

Skin Softening, Pore-Tightening Mask

I’m absolutely crazy about yogurt, sometimes I use it just by itself! This yogurt face mask works wonders as a nourishing face mask as the lactic acid dissolves dead skin, tightens the appearance of pores while softening fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with skin-nourishing honey, which is soothing and anti-bacterial, and turmeric that has amazing antioxidant properties, this mask will give you glowing, healthy skin I do it ALL the time.

1 tablespoon of plain organic yogurt
1 teaspoon of raw organic honey
1 teaspoon of turmeric

Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then slather it on your face with your fingers (or a brush) and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water and follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Complete Radiance Mask

This mask gives your skin such a gorgeous glow, but go easy on the turmeric because it can stain your skin! The coconut oil gives your skin a hit of hydration while the honey and turmeric both possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that also help to smooth out your skin. Skip to 8:15 mins to see me mix up the mask.

I aim to do one DIY a week because they always make my skin feel so fresh and nourished, and between, I also use sheet masks and exfoliators. Check out my guide on all things sheet masks and DIYing your own here. I hope you guys love these DIY face masks as much as I do and remember to always be careful when you’re doing treatments on your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive like mine.