My New Secret Weapon: Dallas Thickening Spray


R+ Co Dallas Thickening Spray-2

As much as I’m obsessed with beauty, no look is complete without the hair, and you all know how much I love big curls and voluminous waves.

So, this unbelievable Dallas Thickening Spray by R+Co has revolutionized my hair regimen – it really does give you that famous big Texan hair! The company creators are some of the most treasured hair stylists and experts in the industry, and the brand doesn’t just create products to make your hair look flawless, they nourish it too.

What it is: A thickening spray that gives mega volume and shine. It can be used on damp or dry hair and works perfectly with rollers, hot rollers, and curling irons. It’s also formulated without parabens, sulfates, and petrolatum, and is vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and color-safe.

What it does: It gives volume at the roots and control at the ends, so it’s not just a miracle lift, it’s the whole fresh from the salon look! The R+Co hair gurus have used such amazing ingredients, like Aloe Leaf Extract and Ginger Root Extract to seal in moisture, protect, smooth and nourish hair, and Honey to prevent moisture loss and ensure thermal protection. If you’re someone who uses a lot of products, this makes such a difference in keeping split ends away while giving that hair mask-like treatment you may want.

What we liked: Where do I begin? I’ve started using it so much, people keep asking me how my hair is so big… It’s basically my secret weapon! First off, the texture is so fresh, it just sticks to your hair, but it doesn’t feel sticky like other sprays do, and it honestly gives me more volume than any other spray, mousse or product I’ve ever tried. Even if your hair is thin, fine, or heavy and flat, this will give you that extra half-inch lift that you need for amazing volume. As if it couldn’t get any better, it also has such a strong hold your hair will be bouncy for days.

What we didn’t like: I really can’t fault it! Texture, hold, lift, feel, scent, it’s a 5-star product!

Price: $28