My Photoshoot MUST-HAVES! #BTS



Hey My Loves!! So you guys know we recently did a Arabian Inspired photoshoot at the GORGEOUS Bab Al Shams Hotel in Dubai and I absolutely loved shooting in the desert! It’s so strange, but although I’ve been living in Dubai for many years – I’ve never actually done a photoshoot in the desert! We stayed overnight as we had to wake up reeeeaallllyyyy early (5AM!!!) in order to catch the sunrise which was around 6:45AM and I must admit, it was quite tough doing my makeup while still half asleep. Kinda reminded me of the days I used to work on set.

Many people don’t realize this, but a lot of the times when I do a major photoshoot – besides doing my own makeup, I style myself too. Over the years I’ve managed to put together a list of must-haves in order to do this successfully and still slay during the shoot. Here’s a few things which have helped me stay focused. Xx

From yesterday’s shoot ❤️❤️❤️

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Mood boards are REALLY important! You might have a very specific look in your mind, but trust me – when you are busy stressing and trying to put your makeup on, you have no time to re-imagine the look again without any visual guideline. You need a mood board to give you and your team direction. I usually try to put together at least 6 very diverse looks with sufficient visual aid to help me stay on track.


Plan the sequence of your shoot according to your makeup. My skin is extremely sensitive, so if I had to remove and reapply makeup during the day, chances are my eyes would start to swell up and I’d look anything but cute! I generally plan for my first look to be quite natural and thereafter keep adding more and more product. For example, the first look could be dewy skin with highlight, brows, a pair of natural lashes and a lip gloss. After this look, I’d play more with the lip and aim for something more dramatic and defined, and I’d add a light color to my lids. Usually transition shades work great for this. I also tight line my eyes. After this look, I’d add more eye makeup and a second pair of lashes for a more dramatic look (yes, you can layer them!). You have no idea how much time this saves me, but also keeps my skin in good condition throughout the shoot.

Happy National Day Dubai I Love you 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪 #BTS of our shoot in the desert

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The main items I MUST take with me every time I shoot are Speakers and a reeeally good playlist (to help my inner Beyoncé take full force), Towels – to place all my makeup brushes on and to dab off any excess product, a Sewing Kit for any last minute outfit alterations and my Razor. You guys know I am a firm believer in a good shave, so it’s literally something I carry with me whenever I am busy with a shoot!!

What do you guys think of the final result? Let me know!! Xx