This Is The Secret To Making Your Mani Last SO Much Longer


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Just checking on our DIY-nail queens: has anyone missed the memo on nail primers? We got you. It’s an underrated liquid in the nail industry that adds a layer of protection to keep your acrylics, gels, and even regular polishes in tip-top shape. In short: it’s a total gamechanger. Here’s everything you need to know:

WTF Is A Nail Primer?

Like using an eyeshadow or face primer creates a base for long-lasting makeup, a nail primer preps your nails for better polish adhesion. It removes any substances on the surface of your nails – like oil, grease, or moisture – so your base coat sticks better to your nail plate. It also prevents air bubbles from forming, so your polish coats, acrylics, and press-ons adhere better to your nail. Once applied, a nail primer can even protect your new nails from lifting, peeling, or straight up, leaving you mid-ball game.

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What Nail Primer Should I Use?

Good question. There are two kinds of nail primers in the nail industry: acid-free and acid-based. An acid-free primer (our fave) acts like double-sided sticky tape by changing your nail’s pH levels for better adhesion – its “sticky” power is temporary though, so apply your primer one nail or hand at a time. We love using Modelones Natural Nail Prep Dehydrator, $14, because it offers a nail dehydrator AND an acid-free primer at an awesome price. The OPI Bond Aid pH Balancing Agent, $13, is another one of our go-tos. The general rule of thumb is that a primer should always be applied after shaping your nails and before you apply any polish or overlays. Although apply sparingly, as too much of an acid-free primer can decrease adhesion.

As for acid-based primers, they use a strong acid called methacrylate, which creates tiny holes on your nail bed, creating an uneven surface for better adhesion. Since they’re essentially making holes in your nail bed (eesh), acid-based primers can thin and damage your nail bed if excessively used. So, for the health of your nails, we recommend sticking to acid-free options.

Pro tip: Use an almost dry brush to apply the primer to your natural nail bed and let it dry for about 40 to 60 seconds. You’ll see a shiny, sticky finish – it won’t feel dry, but this is what your nail enhancements need to stick onto your nail better. Work with it immediately – time is of the essence!

Safety 101: NEVER rub your eyes or touch your skin while working with nail primers. If you feel a major itch coming on, wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

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