These 6 NEW Affordable Beauty Brands Are Amazing!


Bougie beauty buys will always be a thing, but recently we’ve noticed an uptick in the number of skincare launches that prioritize not just high-quality formulations and gorgeous packaging, but affordability, too. There have always been a few brands out there doing this, and one could argue that The Ordinary was truly a pioneer in the space that ushered in others like them. We’re calling it now, though: 2020 is going to bring a slew of great products to your shelf without making you feel like you’re betraying your budget. These six newish skincare brands are proof of that.

Versed Skincare


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Price Range: $8 to $22

With the motto, “skin’s complicated, skincare shouldn’t be,” Versed’s end-goal is to make excellent, clean skincare products that are accessible to everyone. Their lineup features fresh, non-fussy packaging, and their products are formulated according to European Union standards, which are the most stringent in the world (they ban a whopping 1300 ingredients). This ensures their products are not only effective, but unquestionably safe.

Our Fave Pick: The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel, $20

Available at: Target,

Kiwi Botanicals


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Price Range: $10 to $20

This new brand was developed by Procter & Gamble and is rooted in the ethos of New Zealand skincare (the kiwi should have been a dead giveaway there). Manuka honey – a nourishing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant ingredient – serves as the recurring hero throughout the six-piece collection, along with other New Zealand sourced botanicals. We love that the brand is PETA-certified cruelty free.

Our Fave Pick: Brightening Honey Melt Facial Cleanser, $10

Available at: Walmart

Good Molecules


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Price Range: $6 to $15

Though petite with a conservative 13-product lineup, Good Molecules still does an excellent job of catering to a variety of skin types. The brand places an emphasis on brightening and bolstering skin with products such as their Super Peptide Serum, Niacinamide Serum, Vitamin C Power Booster Powder, and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. We’re eager to see what else they come up with in the coming months and years.

Our Fave Pick: Niacinamide Serum, $6

Available at: and

Fourth Ray Beauty


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Price Range: $12 to $27

A sister brand to ColourPop, Fourth Ray Beauty boasts a comprehensive – and delightfully colorful – collection inspired by fruits and botanicals. All their products are 100% cruelty free, vegan, and free of synthetic fragrances, and their primary promise to the consumer is to deliver top-notch, dermatologist-tested products minus confusing jargon and gasp-inducing price tags.

Our Fave Pick: Açaí Face Milk, $14

Available at:,, and amazon



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Price Range: $16 to $34

Women sort of have a monopoly when it comes to skincare products, but guys deserve some dermis TLC, too. Disco recognized that and developed a line of affordable skincare products with the “modern man” in mind. That’s translated to a lineup of multi-tasking products and an emphasis on deep cleaning and oil control via clays, charcoals, and exfoliating extracts. The collection also incorporates calming ingredients, such as aloe and chamomile, and features a refreshing eucalyptus scent.

Our Fave Pick: Face Cleansing Stick, $16

Available at:, Amazon

The INKEY List


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Price Range: $7 to $15

The INKEY List hit Sephora’s virtual and in-store shelves in spring 2019 and caused quite the stir. A line of high-quality skincare products with not a single item costing over $15 is a pretty big deal when it’s surrounding by brands selling products in the triple-digit range. The no-frills lineup now consists of 28 products (they’re constantly adding more) and focuses on scientifically backed ingredients, such as vitamin C, retinol, salicylic acid, and caffeine. You’ve probably heard us rave about many of there products before, and we’re excited to try some of the new pieces they’ve recently added to the collection!

Available at: Sephora, ASOS, Cult Beauty

Our Fave Pick: Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Moisturizer, $10

Of course, there are many tried-and-true affordable skincare brands that the community continues to slather with fondness. Those includes The Ordinary, Mario Badescu, Cerave, Pacifica, La-Roche Posay, and others. We just wanted to shout out some of these newer brands so they’re on your radar, too. Let us know if you try any (or if you already have sampled some) and what your experience was like. May you buy all the skincare products your gorgeous face needs and still have plenty of bread left over for life’s other necessities.