5 New Beauty Trends We're Obsessed With Right Now


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One of the things we love most about beauty is experimenting with new trends, and these five trends are dominating Instagram right now. While we admit some are more of a commitment than others (ahem platinum blonde hair) they’re all seriously hot right now. So if you’re looking for a quick way to update your look without splurging on an entirely new closet, try one of these beauty trends.

For Makeup Addicts: Haute Couture Makeup

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2019 has been the year of no-makeup makeup but we’re starting to see a return of the glam just in time for the holiday season (YAY). This makeup lewk has been coined Makeup Haute Couture by celeb MUA Nikki Wolf… but don’t be confused, this is not the return of full-on Instagram makeup, but rather a super luxurious, polished vibe. Think beautiful glowing skin, the perfect elongated wing, a soft sultry eye, blush stained cheeks, and a glossy nude lip. It’s full glam that looks effortless, clean, and super sexy.

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Top tip: When you’re experimenting with the haute couture trend, keep it monochromatic by sticking with one color palette for eyes, lips, and complexion. It helps you achieve a more polished final look.

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We’re living for this makeup trend. The buttery skin, the soft highlight, the bushy brows, we love it all.

For A Throwback Feel: The 90s Updo

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When celeb hairstylist Justine Marjan predicted the classic 90s updo would be a key trend for 2019, she was SO right. Most recently we’ve seen Rihanna slay a 90s-style updo with split side tendrils and she looked so. Damn. Cool (as always), and we’ve seen everyone wearing this trend!

We love that this looks good on everyone, plus it’s easily customized depending on the occasion. The only element that should remain the same is the centered side bangs, then play with the rest to suit your vibe. We love to wear it with a messy bun (a la Meghan Markle) during the day or a sleek pony when we’re feeling extra.

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Justine’s step-by-step guide for the classic 90s updo:

  1. Create texture in the hair by twisting small sections with the GHD Classic Curl Iron in alternate directions, then scrunch R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse, $30, throughout.
  2. Leave out a small section in the front and pin away.
  3. Gather the hair above the ears back, then twist into a bun and pin into place with bobby pins. Repeat two more times on the remaining hair below.
  4. Unclip the front section, then seal in the look with Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend, $10.

For A Quick, Edgy Look: Bracket Eyeliner

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Bracket liner is the perfect trend to try if you’re feeling non-committal: it’s easily removed and you don’t need to spend a single dollar to work the trend. Plus, it’s (relatively) easy to achieve: Start by drawing the classic cat-eye, then bring the line back towards the inner corner, following the shape of your crease. You can also play with color like the neon liner look below.

Our tip for trying a bold new trend? Do it at the end of the day before you remove your makeup, so you can see how it looks and perfect your technique without any pressure.

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This neon bracket liner is everything: We love how the inner corner has been accentuated and it’s giving us major Euphoria feels.

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Is there a trend Naomi can’t work? We don’t think so.

For A Little Luxury: Logo Manicures

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Our manicure obsession is stronger than ever, and logo manis have to be one of our fave new trends. This trend is as simple as painting designer or streetwear logos on to the nail. There are thousands of cute variations of this trend, from monochromatic Chanel manicures to old school Dior. It’s the ultimate way to add a luxe vibe to your wardrobe (without having to splurge on the designer price tag).


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This nail look is chic AF. Remember to tell your salon what you want before you get there, so they can reserve a nail art specialist for you.

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Another helpful tip? Come with a ton of #nailspo pics. More options will allow you to find a look that fits your time frame and your budget.

For The Bold: Platinum Blonde

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Full disclosure: this isn’t a low maintenance hair trend but it is the edgiest hair trend RN, and it shows no signs of slowing down. All of your fave It-girls have dabbled in the trend from Zoe Kravitz to Dua Lipa, who is styling the color with black roots; as we said, edgy AF. However, as it’s seriously taxing on your hair health, make sure you read our guide to going platinum blonde.

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To prevent your icy cool locks from turning brassy, stash up on purple shampoo. The purple pigment cancels out yellow tones as it’s the exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel. For all of our fave purple shampoos, check out this post.

What’s your favorite trend? Let us know in the comments below.