These Delicious New Perfumes Will Get You Endless Compliments



If youre looking to charm your beauty and style-obsessed bestie or crush, here are two little compliments thatll make them smile quicker than you can say Huda Beauty. The first is simple: ‘I love your outfit’ the ultimate mood booster thatll make their wardrobe meltdown all the more worthwhile.

And the second and most powerful compliment of them all ‘you smell so good,’ a forever fave of ours that can turn around even a strangers day. If the latter is your quintessential pick me up, spritz any of these six newbie fragrances, and youll score TONS of compliments on the daily. 

1. Dior Vanilla Diorama, $350 

1-Dior-Vanilla-DioramaSource: Dior

This is the type of perfume that greets the room before you do. Were obsessed with fragrances with hints of vanilla (hence why vanilla is in several of our KAYALI scents), and Diors latest unisex blend is a decadent delight.

Orange, pink pepper, rum, cacao, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood are whisked together to create a deliciously creamy and boozy scent. Itll have you smelling like a walking Michelin star dessert. We’re hooked! 

2. YSL Beauty Black Opium Illicit Green, $115  

2-YSL-Black-Opium-Illicit-GreenSource: YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty recently added a new member to their Black Opium possé, and its literal liquid kryptonite we can. Not. Stop. Sniffing. Compared to their former lineup of Black Opiums, Illicit Green, $115, is softer, lighter, and more daytime appropriate.

It has just the right amount of coffee and vanilla thats jazzed up with a slight sweetness and freshness from its fig, pear, and mandarin accords. Tbh, once we saw fig in the mix, we were sold, and were so glad it does not disappoint. 

3. KAYALI Eden Juicy Apple | 01, $118


Our KAYALI clique is expanding, and our latest newcomer, Eden Juicy Apple | 01, $118, is an absolute beaut. We wanted to create something different from the others something thats more youthful and playful.  So we mixed up notes of juicy red apple, blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, lychee, wild berries, vanilla flower, and musk, and the dreamy sweetness of it is just *chefs kiss*.

If youre looking for a scent thatll help you tap into your cool-girl buzz, one whiff of this, and youll instantly be transported to your fun and carefree teen days. It’s the type of fragrance you’d find on Cher Horowitzs vanity desk.  

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4. KKW FRAGRANCE Iconic Gardenia, $40 

4-KKW-Fragrance-Iconic-GardeniaSource: KKW FRAGRANCE

Can we have a moment of silence for this ridiculously zen bottle? Designed in collaboration with celeb florist Jeff Leatham, this is a clean, fresh and woody white floral scent that we love to spritz on in the AM to perk up our senses.

It brings classic notes together, like honeysuckle, orange blossom, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and tonka bean. If you enjoy layering your fragrances, this is a great perfume to incorporate in your custom blends.  


5. Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ When the Rain Stops, $144 

5-Maison-Margiela-REPLICA-When-the-Rain-StopsSource: Maison Margiela

A bottle that captures the smell of fresh grass and morning dew? Give it to me NEOW! Theres only one word to describe this scent: tranquil. It combines green, aquatic, and rain accords with woody base notes like moss, pine tree, and patchouli.

If you enjoy delicate, clean, fresh, and slightly nostalgic scents, definitely lean towards this one. Spray some on your pulse points straight after a hot bath or shower, and youll feel so zenned out. 10/10 recommend! 

6. Boy Smells Hinoki Fantôme, $98 

6-Boy-Smells-Hinoki-FantômeSource: Boy Smells

Boy Smells recently introduced the fragrance renditionof their famous candle HINOKI FANTÔME, $32. Its not copy and paste per se theyve spiced it up a notch to introduce an updated blend that’s a whole lot richer, and wow, it’s perfection.

Its combination of Japanese hinoki wood, tobacco leaves, oaks, and smoked leather creates an addictive trail that reels you in, which is then balanced by nuances of creamy patchouli and sweet, balsamic cistus. This is the type of fragrance you wear to seduce. Its earthy, woody, spicy, and low-key hypnotic.  

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