9 New Hair Products Scientifically Proven To Do The Most



Just as it’s the case in the skincare industry, hair care brands have really tapped into science in recent years in order to develop a host of problem-solving products. The result is formulas that help with everything, from potentially reversing gray hair or strengthening strands to fixing split ends in real-time or minimizing color fade. Intrigued about just how far science has taken us over the last several years? We’re hyping nine newish, science-y products that have us feeling real lucky we’re living in such modern times.

1. Living Proof Triple Bond Complex Leave-In Hair Treatment, $45

1-Living-Proof-Triple-Bond-Complex-Leave-In-Hair-TreatmentSource: Living Proof

The entire Living Proof line is predicated on leaning into science, so it’s definitely one to watch if you’re interested in the “skinification” of hair and science-forward hair formulas. This Triple Bond Complex treatment is one of the brand’s newest launches and is a no-rinse product that promises to make hair up to eight times stronger. When hair is stronger, you deal with less damage and can enjoy softer, smoother, shinier strands. 

2. TRESemmé Pro Infusion Fluid Smooth Hair Tonic Water, $7

2-TRESemmé-Pro-Infusion-Fluid-Smooth-Hair-Tonic-WaterSource: TRESemmé

Just a lil spritz of this tonic is all you need to instantly boost shine and detangle your strands post-shower. The formula is inspired by protein waters, only it’s in an easier, spray-on form, and you can leave it in. This product is infused with ingredients such as strengthening coco-proteinize and niacinamide.

3. Vegamour GRO AGELESS Anti-Gray Hair Serum, $78 

3-Vegamour-Gro-Ageless-Anti-Gray-Hair-SerumSource: Vegamour

A hair serum that helps reverse grays? They exist, and the science is getting better every day. In theory, they work by redirecting your hair back into the active growth phase, which triggers melanin production at the follicle. Your mileage may vary, but the studies are compelling, and this product gets lots of amazing reviews.

4. Vitabrid C12 Scalp+ Shampoo, $32

4-Vitabrid-C12-Scalp+ShampooSource: Vitabrid C12

Vitabrid products harness the power of vitamin C, and that’s also the case with one of its newest debuts. This shampoo features a unique formula (Secret Code P-151™) made with the brand’s patented 12-hour active vitamin C along with a proprietary peptide and peptide complex. The formula helps nourish hair follicles and the scalp, which in turn promotes fuller-looking hair, better volume, and reduced hair loss.

5. Mielle Organics Avocado & Tamanu Anti-Frizz System, $45 

5-Mielle-Cold-Activated-Avocado-&-Tamanu-Anti-Frizz-SystemSource: Mielle Organics

You’ve heard of heat-activated hair care products, but what about cold-activated technology? Inspired by the “cold rinse” shower finale and “cool shot” on blow dryers, Mielle’s entire Avocado & Tamanu Anti-Frizz System is meant to be kept in the fridge to activate the formula. The result is smoother hair, less frizz, and healthier strands. 

6. DreamGirls Hold & Grow Edge Control, $16

6-DreamGirls-Hold-&-Grow-Edge-ControlSource: DreamGirls

Edge control products have been around for a while, but DreamGirls’ variation on this staple has us cheering. Not only does the long-lasting formula give you gorgeous edges, but it simultaneously promotes hair growth in this area that’s particularly prone to traction alopecia and thinning. 

7. Briogeo Destined for Density Peptide Hair Serum for Thicker, Fuller Hair, $57

7-Briogeo-Destined-for-Density-Peptide-Hair-SerumSource: Briogeo

Speaking of hair growth, this new serum from Briogeo harnesses the power of copper peptides, biotin, and a unique energy complex of caffeine and CoQ10 to increase hair density. A 16-week study showed that participants saw increased density by up to 3x in four months.

8. Kevin Murphy Everlasting.Colour Treatment, $49

8-Kevin-Murphy-Everlasting-Colour-Treatment-ShotSource: Kevin Murphy

Dealing with fading hair color is *the worst* – especially if you just dropped a lot of bread on a professional treatment. A science-forward color-preserving treatment, like this one from Kevin Murphy, protects against color fade while also promoting vibrancy and strength. Make sure also to minimize washes, use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, and that your water quality is good. 

9. Nutrafol Root Purifier Scalp Shampoo for Thinning Hair, $44

9-Nutrafol-Root-Purifier-Scalp-ShampooSource: Nutrafol

You might have heard of Nutrafol’s derm-adored hair supplements, which take a holistic health approach to help promote hair growth. The brand recently expanded into topical hair care products, which includes a small collection of physician-formulated products. We’re shouting out the shampoo – the starting point of any regimen – which deeply and gently cleanses and promotes a healthy scalp pH for improved hair growth. It’ll be exciting to keep an eye on what else Nutrafol does in years to come. 

Taking time to tend to your scalp and strands doesn’t just make for a shiny, healthy head of hair. That scrubby action is a true self-care moment that transcends well beyond the shower into your everyday life. After all, when you feel clean and look great, you simply feel better. For more product picks, check out our roundups of hair oils, curl-enhancing goodies, and hair masks

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