New YouTube Video: We Tried The Craziest Beauty Hacks On The Internet


weird beauty hacks

Hey my loves! If you’re a regular on Huda Beauty then you’ll know just how much we love putting weird and admittedly, kinda gross beauty hacks to the test. Because as much as we love splurging on the latest ground breaking tool or product, sometimes you’ll have something lying around the house that’ll deliver the same effect, for a fraction of the cost. So, my sister Mona and I decided to try some of craziest DIY hacks on the internet, from maxi pads as hair rollers to shaving cream as makeup remover, and cotton buds as the ultimate lipstick hack – I’ll try anything once in the name of beauty! Actually, a couple of years ago I tested out weird primers (including Vagisil and Milk of Magnesium) and we discovered some of them actually worked so well, that we decided to make Huda Beauty primers with them, so you never know, sometimes crazy hacks can turn out to be crazy good!

Check out how well these 10 weird hacks worked – I was actually shocked at how good some of these were!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or have any other cool hacks we should try out in the comments below. X