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As beauty editors, we’re constantly sorting through new brands to bring you guys the crème de la crème of the beauty industry. So, for a brand to really speak to us, you know it’s doing something right – that was the case when we discovered Next Of Us, a genderless haircare line for our curly-to-coily hair beauties. Each product is designed to suit your hair porosity, and all for under $7 – now that’s a brand we can get behind! Here’s the DL:

The Brand:

Next Of Us (NOU) revamps washday routines and styling sessions with products that aren’t one-size-fits-all. They saw that so many products out there didn’t often focus on how different hair types and textures absorb formulas differently. The curly and coily-haired brains behind NOU experienced decided to create their own nourishing line of curl essentials based on how hair actually absorbs and retains moisture.

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If you’ve ever felt like a product isn’t working for your hair, chances are it isn’t created for your hair’s porosity. In simple words, it may be too heavy or light for your strands to soak up all the benefits – that’s where NOU steps in. Crafted with the different porosity levels of type 3A to 4C textures in mind, their products deliver real results because they know what your hair wants; saving you time, effort, and of course, your money.

Exclusively sold at Walmart, their collection is formulated without sulfates, dyes, or parabens and are packed with rich ingredients like avocado oils and coconut oils. The packaging is just as cute – but it’s not just for the vibes. Their cute designs showcase different curl patterns to help you instantly recognize the product best suited for your hair type. You can even scan the QR code at the back to learn all about your hair porosity and how much moisture your hair can absorb — #love.

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If the term hair porosity is new to you, then listen up to what NOU had to say: “Your hair’s porosity affects how your hair absorbs and maintains moisture, AKA, how well your hair absorbs and maintains your hair care products. Low Porosity hair has trouble absorbing moisture, which means you need products that will fully penetrate your hair so it can absorb the moisture. High Porosity hair will easily absorb moisture, but will quickly lose it, meaning you need products that won’t abandon your hair right after moisturizing.”

Picking products that suit your hair porosity requirements will help you achieve your #hairgoals quicker.

Meet The NOU Products

1. Low Porosity Leave-In Conditioner W/ Coconut Oil and High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner W/ Shea Butter, $7

1-Nou-Low-High-Prosperity-ConditionerSource: NOU

If dryness is a concern of yours, these leave-in conditioners are a no-brainer. If you have low hair porosity, opt for the lightweight Low Porosity Leave-In Conditioner W/ Coconut Oil, $7, which is infused with coconut oil to nourish your hair strands without weighing them down.

Alternatively, the ultra-hydrating High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner W/ Shea Butter, $7, is enriched with shea butter to prevent breakage for defined and bouncy curls.

2. Moisture Mask W/ Shea Butter, $7

2-Nou-Moisture-Mask-W-Shea-ButterSource: NOU

This moisture mask is a no-brainer for curls. Enriched with shea butter to inject moisture into your tresses, it brings back softness and shine to even the most damaged curls. We also have to add it smells ahhhmazing. It’s definitely an essential for summer ’22!

3. No Damage Detangler W/ Coconut Oil, $7

3-Nou-No-Damage-Detangler-W-Coconut-OilSource: NOU

Formulated with mega-hydrator coconut oil, this detangler provides extra slip for easy detangling and pain-free wash days. The formula also adds a surge of moisture to your strands while simultaneously removing build up. Simply squeeze it into the palm of your hands and rub together to emulsify, before finger combing it through wet or dry hair.

4. Moisture Lock Oil W/ Coconut Oil, $7

4-Nou-Moisture-Lock-Oil-W-Coconut-OilSource: NOU

If your hair tends to get dry, this coconut-infused oil is here to save the day. The rich oil is bursting with fatty acids and omegas to replenish dry, damaged locks, adding definition, shine, and life back into your curls. As promised, it also penetrates the hair shaft with ease and is absorbed super quickly – no greasy locks here.

What are you planning on adding to the cart? Let us know in the comments below!

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