We Tried All The NEW Eyebrow Queen Brow Products!


eyebrow queen review

We were so excited when a beautiful package from the gorgeous Nilam Holmes hit our desks. Not only is Nilam the ultimate brow expert and beauty guru, she’s also recently released her own range of expert brow products called Eyebrow Queen, designed to tame, maintain and style your brows. There’s everything from brow-trimming scissors and tweezers to brow pencils and a very unique brow fixing formula – we tried everything!

Brow Pro Pencil, $28

eyebrow queen review

What it is: A self-sharpening brow pencil with a spoolie in six shades.

What we thought: This super precise triangular pencil is amazing for filling in the brow and creating hair-like strokes as it has a really unique, triangular-shaped tip. The sharp point makes tiny strokes super easy while the longer edge is great for quickly filling in the brow. We love how soft the formula is, so you don’t need to apply too much pressure and it’s easy to work with. The skinny spoolie at the other end is ideal for grooming and blending the pigment into the brows for a natural look.

Essential Brow Brush, $18

eyebrow queen review

What it is: A double-ended brow tool with a spoolie and firm, angled brush.

What we thought: We love the amount of precision we’re able to get with this fine angled brush. The densely packed brush allows for precision hair strokes and even distribution with pomades, powders, and waxes, and the chunky spoolie is great for grooming through brows and adding volume. 

Brow Colour Boost,

eyebrow queen review


What it is: A gel-cream brow fixer with microfibers to add fullness.

What we thought: Initially, we were quite surprised by the large brush, but it wasn’t actually too big to use (although if you have very sparse brows, this may not be the best product for you). We loved how the brush evenly distributed the formula through our brows while the pigmented, creamy formula adds definition and small hair-like fibers help add volume.

Once the formula sets, it locks brows in place all day long with a matte, natural-looking finish. The six shades (Blonde, Bronde, Warm Brown, Medium Brown, Rich Brown, Black Brown) are versatile enough so that everyone can find a good brow match. This is definitely going in our makeup kit – use it to tame unruly brows or to boost fuller brows.

Brow Fix, $32

What it is: A waterproof brow-fixing ointment that locks brows and makeup in place all day.

What we thought: We were not prepared for how potent this brow-fixing formula is! When we first used this, we applied a little more than the one drop that’s directed and although it locked our brows in place, they felt rock solid to the touch. The lesson? A little goes a long way! The next day we used less than a drop in the spoolie brush and lightly brushed it through the brows. This time, it held our brows in place but didn’t feel too dense and our brows still looked very natural.

If you have unruly brows, this is definitely a game-changer, although it may take a little time to get used to.

Precision Scissors, $16 & Precision Tweezers, $26

eyebrow queen review

What it is: The ultimate brow scissors and a pair of double-ended tweezers with slant and pointed tip.

What we thought: The brow scissors are really great quality and perfect for trimming brows with their curved shape and pointed tip that allows you to be really picky about exactly which hair you want to trim!

We loved the double-ended tweezers. The pointed end is really amazing for grabbing hairs very close to the main part of your brow, as it eliminates the chance of grabbing a few hairs and overplucking. The slanted edge is great for plucking out hairs below the brow and the sharp edge meant it grabbed even the smallest hairs. The bonus with these tweezers is that you have two tweezers for the price of one, and no matter how tricky your brow hairs are, you’ll be able to grab them!

The verdict: We’re super impressed with this new brow collection; everything from the packaging to the shade range and the quality of the products is beautiful. Overall, the Brow Pro Pencil and Precision Tweezers are our must-haves from the collection.