This TikTok Filter Makes Nose Contouring SO Easy


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If you’ve scrolled through social media over the past few months, you’ll be familiar with filters that act as a digital assistant to help you level up your makeup routine. If not, let us introduce you to TikTok filter creator Grace Choi, the brains behind the viral filters that show you where to apply your makeup so you’re never confused. She recently added a nose contouring filter to her collection, and it’s getting A LOT of attention. Since we love to experiment with contour, we had to put it to the test.

The Contouring Filter

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The hack: The filter calculates your angles and uses pink, blue, and white lines to pinpoint where your contour and highlighter formulas should go. All that’s left is to outline and blend, and you’ll achieve a more defined nose in under three minutes.

The hype: The video’s currently at 53,000 double-taps, but we predict that’s about to blow up.

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How to get the look: Take contour powder on a small, precise brush and sketch out the bottom “V” marked by the pink lines near your nostrils. Follow the vertical lines to outline either side of your nose, working towards your brows. If button noses are your vibe, gently dab the powder along the horizontal blue line. Blend the product “out and away” from the lines while pushing it into your brow line for an elongated finish.

Next, use a sharp white pencil along the white lines on the bridge and tip of the nose, and blend with your fingers. You can also opt for a fair-toned concealer if you don’t have a white pencil or if you prefer a less dramatic look. Don’t go overboard with the white pencil to avoid an unnatural contrast.

Set the contour in place with a light dusting of powder. For added definition, use a small amount of highlighter on the tip and along the bridge of your nose.

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What we liked: It takes the guesswork out of nose contouring, making it quick and easy for newbies and pros. Plus, if the filter works for you, your nose contour will always be consistent.

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What we didn’t like: The final look is pretty intense, so if you prefer a softer, more natural contour, you might find this too harsh. No nose is the same, and this won’t flatter everyone or be the look you want to achieve.

Our Final Verdict

We recommend this for anyone who likes to experiment with nose contour to sculpt and add definition. It can be a bit fiddly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it delivers. If you don’t love a super-defined look, this might not be the technique for you.

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