Obsessed! These 8 New Fall Beauty Launches Are SO Good

Product roundups

Every season brings new beauty goodies, and we are seriously stoked about some of autumn’s most recent debuts. From seriously stunning eyeshadow palettes from Pat McGrath and Gucci to a scalp-nourishing scrub to a luxurious feminine wellness product, these covet-worthy fall beauty launches are totally worth your bread.

1. Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Mega Celestial Odyssey Eyeshadow Palette, $78

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? This limited-edition eyeshadow palette from the mother of beauty, Pat McGrath, is just as pretty on the outside as it is on the interior. The fantastical palette delivers 18 creamy colors in five different finishes – sateen shimmer, 24k duochrome sparkle, foiled metallic, velvet matte, and iridescent sparkle – that flatter all skin tones. The shades themselves were inspired by a tech-noir odyssey world, including Corrupt Copper, Saturn Sunset, Gold Galaxy, Galactic Glow, and Heavenly Body, among others.

2. Versed Out of Sight Dark Spot Corrector, $17

Dark spots happen, but there are ways to reduce their appearance without throwing down a wad of cash at your local skin clinic. This topical brightening gel from Versed is formulated with tranexamic acid (a dermatologist favorite for tackling melasma), exfoliating kojic acid, and complexion-evening niacinamide.

3. R+Co Submarine Water Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo, $36

If you haven’t yet jumped on the scalp care train you’re missing out. Just like a good scrub down is great for your face and body, your scalp benefits from that same sort of TLC. R+Co’s new exfoliating shampoo is ultra-gentle and easy to use. Instead of salt, sugar, or beads, it exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and then calms, nourishes, softens, and stimulates with bilberry, fermented radish root, and tomato extracts.

4. The Feelist Juice Shot Smoothing Facial Polish, $48

Speaking of exfoliators, this brand-new polish from The Feelist takes your standard physical exfoliator and levels up a few notches. It’s jam-packed with vitamins and superfoods – including cranberry seed powder, papaya extract, baobab seed extract, and turmeric – along with marula and tea tree oils to polish, revitalize, and protect your skin.

5. KETISH The Quickie Wipe, $27

Keep fresh – and keep it chic. KETISH specializes in feminine care products, and these on-the-go wipes help you stay fresh all over. The female-wellness brand was founded by Emaan Abass, a Huda Beauty employee that we are so excited to support.

The brand has such an important message and such a deep sense of purpose that I truly believe it will positively impact so many women around the world. As well as the incredible community KETISH aims to build, the products are truly game-changing, chic, and SO sexy.

The wipes are perfect for pre-play intimate time, post-gym, travel, or anytime you’re go-go-going and want to feel your best.

6. You Go Natural Olive T-shirt Bun, $35

Protect your curls and make a statement at the same time with this luxurious headwrap from You Go Natural. The new Fall 2021 collection features an autumnal color palette, including olive green, rich golden yellow, pecan brown, and silvery moss. This one is made from a stretch jersey material and lined with a silky pink satin.

7. Kinfield Sunglow SPF 30, $28

Yep, you should definitely still wear sunscreen in the fall and winter, and this new formula from Kinfield is a winner. This mineral sunscreen helps you hang on to that sun kissed, summer skin glow via a unique, rosy-toned blend of natural minerals and micas. It’s also formulated with hydrating sunflower seed oil, glycerin, and jojoba oil, and is naturally scented. You can wear it under your makeup or alone for a bare-skinned (but still glowy) finish.

8. Gucci Beauty Palette Beauté Des Yeux, $149

Like pretty much anything Gucci makes, the brand’s newest eyeshadow palette is certainly a splurge. Still, the intricate black and gold packaging is next-level gorgeous, and the 12 included shades are super versatile. The shades include a smokey noire, robin’s egg blue, shimmering rose and amethyst, and neutrals like cream, mid-brown, and dark brown.

Which of the above new fall 2021 beauty launches are you adding to your shopping cart? And which ones have you already tried? Let’s chat in the comments below!