Makeup Trends We Love (And The Ones We're SO Over!)


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In the words of model Heidi Klum, “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” This phrase isn’t exclusive to the fashion industry; it’s true with makeup trends, as well. See exhibits A, B, and C (below): the super skinny microbrows of the 90s, white shimmery shadow to the lids a la 00s, and 80s aggressive blush. We’re sure you can think of a few more off the top of your head. Today we’re calling out some recently passé beauty trends and filling you in on what to do instead.

Out: Aggressive, Glittery Highlighter

In: Subtle All-Over Glow


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Glitter, in general, is officially out. This is partly because it’s not very eco-friendly, and partially a direct response to the aggressive glitter we’ve seen on runways, red carpets, and streets in years past. Glittery highlighters certainly fall into this category, and subtle, all-over glow has taken its place. Think less strobe-y and more natural radiance. This can be achieved through a hella good skincare regimen, as well as illuminating cosmetic primers and foundations.

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get your glow upSource: MAC, Pixi by Petra, NYX Professional Makeup

Out: The “Instagram Brow” 

In: Feathery, Natural Brows 


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If you’re not familiar with the “Instagram brow,” it’s essentially a very drawn on, exaggerated eyebrow that looks a little too perfect – maybe even borderline cartoonish. Today, our dream brows are still groomed but much less severe. Think naturally filled in, combed, feathery, and full.

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browsSource: Revlon, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Beautyblender

Out: Super Matte Lips

In: A Juicy, Stained Pout


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There was a time in the not so distant past where every single new lipstick launch felt like it was another matte product added to the pile. Matte lipstick has a cool effect, no doubt, but it can also be high maintenance and, tbh, sometimes a little unflattering if your lips are a lil’ chapped. The beauty world is seeing the exact opposite emerging via juicy, hydrated lips in a fresh color.

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Out: Heavy Foundation

In: Fresh, Near-Naked Skin 


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You know who Instagram brows’ best friend is? Heavy foundation. This trend was born out of a desire for full-coverage which is understandable, but it led to some pretty unnatural-looking complexions. This kind of makeup is suitable if you’re shooting under bright lights or having photographs taken, but in the real world, a much more natural approach makes sense. And fear not – you can absolutely have your full coverage and fresh skin, too. Formulations have gotten increasingly sophisticated even in the last year!

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glowy foundations

Source: CoverGirl, Bite Beauty, Il Makiage

Out: Faux Freckles

In: Rosy Pink Cheeks


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Remember that brief period of time when everyone was drawing on freckles or using those temporary freckle stain kits? Some people even opted for freckle tattoos. Freckles are cute AF, but it’s hard to replicate the real thing if you don’t already have them. Instead of spending hours trying, lean into the pink blush trend. Think true neutral pink generously applied to your cheeks and even the tip of your nose!

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blush is backSource: Nomad Cosmetics, Flower Beauty, Inc.redible

Out: All Natural, All the Time

In: Pops of Bold Color


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A “no makeup makeup” or au naturel aesthetic will never go out of style, but 2020 is full of color so why not lean into the rainbow? Think pastels, pops of neon, and graphic primary hues. Unexpected colors that are really hot right now are classic blue, true red (on lips), bubblegum pinks and purples, and white-hot eyeliner.

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colorSource: Melt Cosmetics, Urban Decay

Which trends are you guys loving and what are you bored of? Chat with us in the comments.

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