These Intoxicating Perfumes Will Get You Saying “Oud La Laaa"


If you’re Middle Eastern, chances are you’ll be familiar with the luxurious allure of oud, a rare unisex perfume note that’s actually known in the industry as liquid gold – yes, it can be hella expensive, but it doesn’t have to be… More on that later. It’s rich, intense, spicy, and smokey. It can be worn alone in all its glory or combined with other fragrance notes to create the most intoxicating fragrance journey. To help you pick your ultimate oud juice, we rounded up seven of our faves.

But first, if you want to know more info on this delicious note, we pass it over to Perfume Princess Mona Kattan:

Our Fave Oud Scents:

1. Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense, $135

1-Jo-Malone-London-Oud-&-Bergamot-Cologne-IntenseSource: Jo Malone London

Notes: Oud, bergamot, Virginia cedar, orange, and Amalfi lemon.

Why we love it: This hypnotic elixir pays homage to Middle Eastern tradition with smokey notes of oud followed by a burst of bergamot for a modern, crisp finish. It bottles Dubai’s free spirit perfectly: grand, hypnotizing, and ever-evolving.

2. ZARA Vibrant Leather Oud, $36

4-ZARA-Vibrant-Leather-OudSource: ZARA

Notes: Bergamot, incense, oud, and amber.

Why we love it: First, you’ll be greeted with notes of fresh bergamot, but DW, the intensity of oud will catch up soon enough. Its woody notes will linger until you end your fragrance journey with a hint of amber. It’s warm, sophisticated, and even better, affordable, which gets our vote every time.

3. KAYALI Invite Only Amber | 23, $138


Notes: Black cherry, honey de Provence, tobacco leaf, rose Damascene, citrus leaf, oud oil, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla.

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a sensual date night fragrance for you or your boo, this is it. Seduce them with notes of black cherry, Honey de Provence, oud oil, and vanilla. Its smokey seduction dries to a rich amber that lasts all night long.

4. Diptyque Oud Palao Eau de Parfum, $190

5-DIPTYQUE-Oud-Palao-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Diptyque

Notes: Laotian oud, Bulgarian rose, tobacco, labdanum, rum, sandalwood, camphor, patchouli, and Madagascar vanilla.

Why we love it: This fragrance pairs together two iconic fragrance notes: oud and rose to create the most majestic, addictive perfume you’ll instantly fall in love with. The aromatic scent is warm and rich yet complex, with potent notes of rum and tobacco balancing with patchouli and vanilla. We’re literally obsessed.

5. Le Labo Fragrances Oud 27 Eau de Parfum, $88

6-Le-Labo-Oud-27-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Le Labo Fragrances

Notes: Civet, oud, ambergris, Virginia cedar, aldehydes, musk, patchouli, vetiver, amber, and Bulgarian rose.

Why we love it: Never expect anything mid-tier from Le Labo Fragrances. Although oud is the title note, this fragrance contains 27 woody ingredients that intensify its musky path. Smokey oud and ambergris carry this rustic scent before amber and Bulgarian rose drench your skin for the most exuberant finish.

6. MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Oud Silk Mood Eau de Parfum, $300

2-Maison-Francis-Kurkdjian-Oud-Silk-Mood-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Notes: Italian bergamot, Moroccan blue chamomile, Bulgarian rose hedione, Laos oud, and Indian papyrus.

Why we love it: Inspired by the dry rustling of silk, this fragrance balances the richness of oud with the delicate intimacy of rose. Notes of bergamot and blue chamomile are later revealed making it the ultimate luxurious juice. Seriously, we can’t get enough.

7. CARTIER Les Heures Voyageuses Oud and Musc Eau de Parfum, $370

3-CARTIER-Les-Heures-Voyageuses-Oud-Musc-eau-de-parfumSource: CARTIER

Notes: Musk and oud.

Why we love it: Pay no attention to the minimal ingredient list because musk and oud are two of the most potent, delicious notes in existence. The two woody ingredients are truly an ode to Middle Eastern perfumery in all its glory. It’s elegant, intimate, and simultaneously powerful.

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