Overachiever Spotlight: Meet The Unstoppable Kadijeh

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When we created our Overachiever Concealer, it was all down to you guys – we saw how hard you hustled all day, e’rryday, and we wanted to create a product that did the same. For our campaign, we just knew you guys had to be a part of it. We wanted to hear about all the moments in your life where you overcame your struggles and achieved more than you ever thought you could!

When Kadijeh’s friend told us her story, we knew she was an overachiever. She had endured so many hardships and yet she remained so positive and continued to do so much. After Kadijeh faced domestic abuse from her husband, she and her son, who has autism, were forced to leave, leaving her homeless. But Kadijeh stood on her own two feet and continued to support them both. She pursued her love for beauty and became a makeup artist, while also working another job in a café, despite her own personal struggles with anxiety. She then met her husband, and they now have two more beautiful children. Yet despite her growing family, she’s also qualified as a personal trainer, while raising awareness of disabilities of all backgrounds and especially autism. This woman is literally unstoppable.

5 things we learned about Kadijeh

1. She’s confident

When we asked Kadijeh if she ever has feelings of self-doubt, she replied with the most refreshing answer – no. Explaining “I don’t ever feel self-doubt, I feel like I can do anything that I want to accomplish. I just believe if I put my heart and my mind into something, there’s nothing I can’t achieve.” And with everything she has been through and achieved, we truly believe she can.

2. Her children have taught her so much

When she talks about her children, it’s clear how much they mean to her. When Kadijeh spoke about her son Samir, she told us he is the reason why she’s an overachiever, “When I look after him, I feel as if I can handle anything. At first, I didn’t know how to care for him, but I did it! Now it seems like such an easy task, and every day I watch him grow, and it fills me with so much joy. My son, Samir, is why I’m able to do so much in life: he’s taught me patience.”


3. She’s unstoppable

Kadijeh has no plans of slowing down: In the next year, she’s planning on opening up her own makeup school to teach others the same skills that helped change her life, assuring us “it will be full of students.”

4. She’s focused

Kadijeh manages to do so much on a daily basis – if it’s not looking after her children, she training someone, applying their makeup or raising awareness about disabilities within her community. And so we wanted to know how she achieves so much. Her answer was simple – “time management. I’m very strict on routine: organization is everything.” She continues “ I just stay dedicated to a cause and focus all my energy on that one thing.”

5. She’s selfless 

When talking about her dreams, the answer again was selfless yet instantaneous, her goal is “to own my own home so that it can be designed in a way that is practical for my son. For me, that would be a massive achievement – to modify a house is my goal in life.” Then when we asked Kadijeh what her life mission would be, she told us it would be to “help others who are in need” whether that’s within her “own community or overseas.” And it became clear how selfless and how kind Kadijah is, and that what motivates her, is helping others – a true role model.

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