Overachiever Spotlight: Meet The Record-Breaking Iveta

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When we decided to create our Overachiever Concealer, we wanted to create a product that worked as hard as you guys do on a daily basis. So when we decided to create our campaign, it only seemed natural to celebrate you guys and hear about all of the times you achieved more than you thought was possible, in spite of the struggles you faced.

When we came across Iveta Kostadinova’s story, it was clear that she was an overachiever: she came across as a fighter who was prepared to put her blood, sweat, and tears into anything that was thrown her way. She’s currently the record holder in the Bulgarian National Powerlifting Championship, with the weight of 95kg, and her next goal is to make her mark in the national triathlon circuits. But she doesn’t stop there, she’s also a personal trainer helping others gain strength, both physically and emotionally. Oh, and she’s also a professional makeup artist. Literally, Iveta is living proof that you CAN do it all, and in her friends’ words, she’s “the true epitome of an overachiever.” We couldn’t agree more.

It’s natural to doubt yourself

When we asked Iveta if she ever has feelings of self-doubt, and if so, how does she overcome those emotions, she smiled and said: “of course.” But she then assured us, that self-doubt is, in fact, a good thing. She explained, that self-doubt is common and is an essential part of a person’s nature, “if you don’t have self-doubt, you’ve gone too far, you’re too polarized. Self-doubt is part of balance, and balance is essential.” Iveta told us that when she experiences self-doubt, she tries to find a logical solution, adding that, “if you never experience difficulties, you’ll never be able to progress and grow.”

You can find inspiration in everything

Being inspired is integral to achieving, as it pushes you to new places, and so we asked Iveta what inspires her, to which she said: “life inspires me!” She said that she feels inspired by her “family, by her friends, by the love that she sees.” She even feels inspired by the struggle; “even when you fall short of your dreams, there’s still beauty in the small things you accomplish,” reminding us of the important expression, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”


There’s no greater achievement than self-love

While speaking with Iveta, she reminded us of so many important messages, but this one stood out the most. When we asked her about her goals and her dreams, she replied with a simple mission: self-love. She said that she dreams “just to be me, even though it may sound strange, but to be the best version of myself.” She told us that in the past “life took me down some strange paths,” so now she just dreams about furthering herself, in whatever way that may be.

Harmony = happiness

When we asked Iveta how she balances the different components of her life; her weightlifting, personal training, and makeup artistry, she explained that it comes naturally to her. She told us she feels as if she’s “living out my life mission, everything is in harmony in my life. When I was little I used to search for makeup all the time, because it allows you to express yourself.” Now, Iveta has reached a point where she can do what she loves, so it “doesn’t feel difficult, balancing it with my other jobs because I know I’m on the right path, my own personal harmony.”

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