Would You Pay $60 To Shine Bright Like A Diamond?

product review

Fenty Beauty Body Lava reviewGlitter is, without a doubt, THE trend of 2018. Not only does it look insanely good adorning our eyelids, but we’ve come to love it on our lips too. This year we’re taking it a step further: we’re plunging back into the 90s and embracing glitter all over our bodies – we’re so here for that! Spearheaded by Rihanna, the body glitter trend is back in business, and her new Fenty Beauty luminizing body collection is boujee AF. After all, who doesn’t want to shine bright like a diamond?

RiRi gave us no shortage of shimmer; the glistening ‘Beach Please’ range includes a super old-school powder puff filled with glitter, the Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom, and a sparkling gel formula, Body Lava. Here’s what I thought:

Body Lava, $59: First off, I have to declare my love for how beautiful this looks on my desk; it is serious beauty goals – whether it’s in the box or just the bottle by itself, it is stunning! It also smells insanely good; it has the sweetest vanilla scent that’s to die for! After smothering my arms in the delicious formula, I looked like Tinkerbell, kind of in a good way – it’s really pretty, but also very glittery (it felt a little kiddish), when I was hoping for it to be more shimmery. I do love that this comes in two shades: Who Needs Clothes, a glistening, peach-gold shade, and Brown Sugar, a rich bronze.

Rihanna Body Lava swatch

But the main problem for me was the feel of it – it is SO sticky, and it did not dry down, at all! It’s weird though because I put it on my sister Mona, and it wasn’t very sticky on her, but on everyone else at HB HQ, it stayed sticky all day. For that reason, I don’t think this is something I can wear, just because it felt so uncomfortable. If I were going to the beach, mixing this with a little coconut oil or sunscreen would be perfect, so I’m definitely going to try that and see if it helps with the sticky feeling.

Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom, $45: This is very cute and super 90s. After whacking my arms with it a few times, I had a subtle glittering shimmer. It looked pretty, and fortunately, it wasn’t sticky, but you have to really heavily dust your body with it to get good glitter payoff. I also think the size of it doesn’t make it super travel-friendly, considering summer is coming up, and I wouldn’t keep it out of the box as then I would get glitter everywhere!

The verdict: Okay, so my main struggle with this is the price. It’s $59 for a bottle of Body Lava, and another $34 for the Kabuki brush – I would probably rather use an old kabuki brush, or I just used my hands. I know the bottle is big, it’s 90ml, but I do feel like this price will put the Body Lava out of reach of a lot of people. New cult Brazillian brand, Sol De Janeiro, also has a shimmering glow oil, but costs $35 for 75ml, while it also boats skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil – stay tuned for our review.

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