This Trend Isn't Going Anywhere In 2022


Take a peek at any of the 2022 trend reports, and they’ll all confirm one theme: people are ready to turn it UP and get creative when it comes to their garms and their beauty game. Yup, we’re ready to ditch muted tones and cozy fabrics in favor of embellished errrythang and eye-popping hues. #Finally.

The trend we’re here to discuss today definitely falls within the “out-there” category: pearl-adorned beauty. It’s a trend that continually resurfaces thanks to its timeless nature, however as you’d expect, Gen Z has reinvented the classic, demure aesthetic and transformed it into the ultimate It girl baddie vibe. Think Euphoria meets Breakfast at Tiffany. Confused? Here’s how to welcome it into your beauty routine. Oh, and get grandma on the phone – you’re going to need her pearls.

Pearl Embellished Makeup 

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This Euphoria-fueled trend has been everywhere. We just can’t seem to escape pearl-embellished makeup looks (and nor do we want to) whether it’s on the runway or the red carpet (hello MET Ball, we’re looking at you). Seriously, every time we think the trend is coming to a close, low and behold, a celeb slays a pearl-adorned look, and we’re hooked yet again. Case in point: this stunning 60s look on queen Ari.

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When it comes to pearl-embellished makeup, throw the rule book out the window and get experimental. From eyeliner to random accents to pearl-infused draping, don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement.

Our only word of warning? Make sure to use skin-sensitive but also strong-hold lash glue to ensure your pearl-infused look withstands the test of time. In fact, we’d recommend stashing your glue in your bag in case of a pearl-loss emergency.

If your highlighter isn’t sparkle-worthy enough, these gems will accentuate your cheeks, sea-style. You can even have them taper in size to feel exquisite AF.

Pearl-Dripping Locks

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Don’t limit your pearl-drenched beauty game to your makeup; welcome it into your haircare repertoire for an undeniable luxe vibe. After all, TikTok is obsessed with the “rich look,” and nothing says classy like pearl-dripping hair.

Pearls are also the perfect accessory if you’re making your way down the aisle this year, whether you decorate your edges with pearls or secure your hair with a pearl-embellished hair tie.

We’re low-key obsessed with this braided updo. The vibes are immaculate.

Pearl Accessories

Granted, a bedazzled liner may be a bit much for work, but your ears can flaunt that pearl allure too. Stick-on pearls are all you need to fake a piercing or two… Or rock an embellished ear stack.

Pearl-detailed Nail Art

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Pearls are the pretty details your manicure is missing ­– when it comes to the classic bead, Betina Goldstein (Chanel’s nail artist, BTW) takes the whole damn cake. Who knew you could elevate a nude mani with a few randomly placed pearls?

Stack it up, or don’t – it’s totally up to you.

For some serious eye candy, ride the H20 waves with this 3D-droplet slash pearl-adorned mani. DW, if pearls tips aren’t you, because Harry Styles has us running in one direction to shop his Pleasing The Perfect Polish Set, $65. The glossy and matte iridescent polishes will have your tips dripping in luxury.

Pearl-Infused Skincare

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Pearls have even made their way inside one of our fave skincare brand’s moisturizer. No doubt they will continue to pop up for the foreseeable. Rich in antioxidants and conchiolin (a keratin-like protein), you’ll find that their extracts make you (literally) glow. Your skin is left radiant, thanks to its super-absorbent properties that soak in moisture from your skincare regimen. We vouch for the Japanese-pearl-infused Clé De Peau Beauté Essential Refining Essence, $105, and recommend the PlantGenius Brightening Survival Serum, $68, for an ethereal glow.

For more ways to get your natural skin glistening, check out how to do the prettiest no-makeup makeup look your skin will love.

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