Peptide-Powered Products For A Glazed Glow From Head-To-Toe

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Introducing peptides, AKA the ingredient of the moment. In simple terms, peptides deliver firmer, brighter, and plumper skin. However, natural peptide production slows down as we blow out the birthday candles, making our skin and hair prone to dryness and dullness – to name a few. That’s where peptide-infused products step in. When applied, they’re lil’ messengers that tell your skin to amp up the collagen production for a bouncy, glazed glow. Without further ado, here are our peptide-infused faves…

What are Peptides?

Before we get into the deets, let us explain how the hero ingredient works. According to Elina Fedotova, an award-winning cosmetic chemist and celebrity esthetician, “A peptide is a fragment of protein made from just a few amino acids linked together. They have the ability to penetrate through the skin barrier — deep into the live skin cells — and signal your cells to regenerate collagen and other proteins.” Consider peptides mini-sized bosses with walkie-talkies who are sending out direct orders to your skin cells to replicate, repair, and rejuvenate. Fedotova confirms, “They definitely add anti-aging, deeply hydrating, and skin-restoring properties to any skincare formulation.”

1. Youth to the People Triple Peptide + Cactus Hydrating + Firming Oasis Serum, $54

1-Wishful-Thirst-Trap-Juice-Peptide-SerumSource: Youth to the People

This serum contains a Triple Bio-peptide Blend that boosts collagen production and 4D hyaluronic acid to hydrate parched skin cells. The addition of cactus and rambutan peel drenches your skin with brightening antioxidants to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. You can even plop it into the “recycle” bin when you’re done!

2. Huda Beauty Thirst Trap Juice HA3 Peptide Serum, $47


Thirsty? Not anymore. With three types of hyaluronic acid, this bottle’s a drink of water for your skin that nourishes and soothes with Hollyhock rose and aloe vera. But firming peptides steal the show by strengthening your skin’s barrier, leaving it bouncy and supple. You’ll legit want to buy it repeatedly; lawd knows we have.

3. Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, $16

6-Rhode-Peptide-Lip-TreatmentSource: Rhode

Lips glossier than a glazed donut? Got you. This high-shine treatment repairs chapped lips with plumping peptides while shea butter, capuaçu, and babassu douse your lips in moisture. The multi-tasking formula comes in three yummy flavors that sell out faster than you can say “glazed” – it’s true, Hailey’s gram has influenced us all.

4. Drunk Elephant Protini™ Powerpeptide Resurfacing Serum with Lactic Acid, $82

5-Drunk-Elephant-Protini-Powerpeptide-Resurfacing-SerumSource: Drunk Elephant

She’s clingy, but for good reason – this vegan serum contains 11 (yup) peptides that bind moisture, so your skin stays forever juicy and plump. It’s also formulated with a pH of 3.5 and contains 10% lactic acid to gently buff away dead skin cells for a brightened, more even complexion. Plus, it softens the appearance of fine lines while improving your skin’s tone and texture.

5. Huda Beauty Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer, $43


This moisturizer hits. With a deliciously creamy texture, this non-comedogenic cutie is infused with peptides that firm your complexion while boosting collagen production. Manuka honey and cica help smooth and soothe uneven texture and redness, making it worthy of your “restock list” all year round.

6. The INKEY List Peptide Moisturizer, $15

3-The-INKEY-List-Peptide-MoisturizerSource: The INKEY List

Peptide-pursuers on a budget, listen up. This vegan tube costs $15 and comes with a dual peptide formula – Royal Epigen P5 2% and Hydrating Peptide Solution 1% – that firms and strengthens your skin’s barrier, preventing future moisture loss. Together, it helps boost collagen production for a from-within glow while softening the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Did we mention that it’s recyclable and works for all skin types?

7. Kopari Tri-Peptide Lip Cloud, $24

7-Kopari-Tri-Peptide-Lip-CloudSource: Kopari

Kopari’s plumping oil goes above and beyond. First, ceramides and hyaluronic acid drench your lips for a soft pillowy feeling. Next, its triple-peptide power smooths the appearance of fine lines while locking in hydration with a high-shine finish that’s visible for miles. Never heavy or sticky, she’s a recyclable hunny that’s easy to wear… Whenever, wherever.

8. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density, $18

8-The-Ordinary-Multi-Peptide-Serum-for-Hair-DensitySource: The Ordinary

This water-based serum is a vegan concentration for anyone concerned about thinning hair. The daily-use formula boasts four peptide technologies and plant-based extracts that bring back the volume and density for fuller-looking locks. It also throws caffeine in the mix, which allows it to penetrate better for a root-to-tip transformation. Expect shiny, healthier-looking hair in no time. Magic in a bottle, eh?

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