#PeriodPower! We’re Sharing All Your Period Stories…


Isn’t it strange to think that despite half of the planet experiencing periods at some point in their lives, we still feel a need to hide it as if it were some horrible, unnatural thing? It’s time for that to change! The reality is, periods are natural. And more importantly, this isn’t just an issue for people who menstruate, those who don’t have periods also need to take part in the conversation and learn more about the menstrual cycle.

Fortunately, there are many amazing organizations that are drawing attention to this issue and getting the conversation going – find out more about how you can get involved here. We wanted to support this movement and hear your #PeriodPower stories too, because the more we share, learn and destigmatize periods, the more empowered we are. Our bodies are powerful and strong, and that is nothing to feel shameful about!

We recently asked you guys to join us in this movement and send in your period stories via our @HudaBeauty Instagram DMs, and we were so overwhelmed with the response from you all! We’re sharing some of your incredible stories below – we’re sure there are so many here that you can all relate to and many others that will open your eyes to a bigger issue.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their period stories – we heard some truly heartwarming and eye-opening stories. We also received so much support from you on continuing this story, so stay tuned!

One other important key issue some of these stories highlight is just how much period poverty there is across the world. Period poverty affects people globally, and in some cases, many people are forced to use unsanitary and toxic substitutes or are restricted to their house or bathroom for days. For many, missing school because of their period is all too common. Find out more about period poverty and how you can get involved here.

Let’s carry on this conversation… Leave your #PeriodPower Stories in the comments below (leave an anonymous comment by not writing your full name, or by writing ‘anonymous’ in the name section, and no other details will be published). Thank you for joining us!