8 Personalized Beauty Gifts To Make Your Giftee Feel Extra Special

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The quickest way to take a gift from “I love it!” to “Wow! I’m obsessed!” is to go with something that’s 100% bespoke. Not only does a customized present make your giftee feel extra special, but it’s a way to tell them you totally get who they are and are willing to go above and beyond. From customized lipstick to monogrammed makeup cases, we’ve put together a quick list of ideas that’ll jumpstart your holiday shopping.

Mark & Graham’s Quilted Cosmetic Case, $89

This luxe quilted cosmetic case from Mark & Graham comes in either creamy white or rich navy blue. For that extra special touch, have it personalized with your giftee’s initials or the first letter of their name. The case is big enough to house their daily skincare essentials or go-to color cosmetics, and it doubles as an awesome toiletry case for travel. To go above and beyond, you could fill it with a few choice goodies. Perhaps some sheet masks, luxurious beauty tools, or a beautiful new makeup palette!

Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick, $60+

If you live in New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, or Toronto, then consider swinging by the Bite Beauty Lab to create a 100% customized lipstick for your giftee. You’ll get some guidance on how to create the perfect shade and finish. From there, you can add a flavor, name it, and have it engraved. Don’t trust yourself to whip up the perfect shade? You can always make a reservation upfront and opt for a gift card. The experience of making your own lipstick from scratch is pretty dang cool, too.

Function of Beauty ‘The Essentials’ Gift Set, $49.99

Your giftee’s shower and hair will come to life with this customized set of shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty. As the gifter, you’ll choose the color of the product, the fragrance, and the hair type (straight, wavy, curly, coily). You’ll also include the recipient’s name, which is printed directly on the bottle. It’s almost too good.

Holiday Winston Gift Set with Engraved Razor Stand, $35+

This all-you-need shaving kit from Harry’s goes one step above by offering a customized engraving on the shaving stand. The kit includes the limited-edition Holiday Winston handle, three German-engineered blade cartridges, the brand’s foaming shave gel, a travel cover, and the razor stand to keep the blades “high and dry.” To have it engraved costs $15 more.

Olfactory NYC Personalized Perfume, $117

Know a fragrance fiend? Olfactory NYC allows you to build a fully customized scent from scratch (and you don’t have to be in NYC to make it). The process starts with the Explore Box, which consists of 3 mL bottles of the brand’s nine core scents. From there, you’ll order the Tinkerer Box, which consists of six custom variations of your favorite scent. Finally, you can order the full-size custom blend that’s personalized with your giftee’s name. If you’re doing this as an already-made gift, you’ll want to start the process ASAP. An alternative is to give your recipient a gift card to create their own.

Leatherology Monogrammed Lipstick Case, $35

We’re swooning over this chic leather lipstick case – complete with mirror – that you can tailor to your giftee’s taste. Start by choosing the color (black, Bordeaux, navy blue, cognac, scarlet, or rose) and then add a monogram. It’s especially perfect for giftees who love a statement lip or those who have a signature lipstick they always carry with them. Throw in the lipstick, too, and you’ll be on their nice list forever.

Philip B. Custom Engraved Wooden Paddle Hairbrush, $190+

This one’s definitely a splurge, but it’s one of those gifts that’ll be a keepsake for the rest of your giftee’s life. This much-adored brush is absolutely stunning to look at, but it also helps create beautiful, healthy hair. It features a dense blend of natural boar bristles and crystal nylon pins and it’s sculpted from sustainable, polished Mahogany. For the customization, you have three choices: name only, statement only, or name and statement.

Which of the above would you be most excited to receive? Let’s chat in the comments!