Is This Viral TikTok Eye Cream Overhyped?


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When you think about it, videos going “viral” on TikTok is kinda crazy. Literally, it could just be one random video of a goat smiling, and BOOM, it’s an overnight sensation. Then, there are those you know will go viral because the before and afters are SO extreme that it blows your mind. The most recent example? This TikTok cutie, @trinidad1967, used the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener, $38, to banish her undereye bags in under three minutes flat! The product sold out within 24 hours! Seriously, we sent this TikTok to a friend, and within 30 seconds they bought the product without thinking twice – ahhh, the power of TikTok!

But before you immediately jump to do the same, we wanted to give our two cents on the formula. As soon as we saw it we were immediately intrigued, but we also questioned whether it was just too good to be true. Here’s our honest review.

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The hype: TikToker @trinidad1967 snapped herself applying the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener, $38, and as you watch, you can literally see her undereye bags disappear and the whole area tighten and brighten in less than three minutes. The video has since garnered over 30 million views and 130 thousand comments, which is WILD. Ever since she posted her video, the product has been sold out worldwide!

What it is: The Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener is a quick-fix formula that’ll take down inflammation under the eye to tighten, firm, and soften the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What it does and how TF it works: The eye cream makes puffy under eyes and bags disappear to an almost unbelievable extent. According to Peter Thomas Roth, it’s thanks to a potent combination of their patented Firm-A-Tite complex that lifts, firms, and tightens, plus a trio of peptides to visibly diminish inflammation. Finally, it’s enriched with an Eye Regener ingredient that softens the appearance of fine lines and brightens the area.

However, the real hero ingredient is sodium silicate, which provides a quick and viral-worthy fix but doesn’t provide any long-term benefits. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Whitnney Bowe, explains how the ingredient works to tighten the skin (below).

As Dr. Bowe reminds us, a similar formula went viral years ago that utilized the same ingredient to give instant and drastic results.

Our thoughts: We can’t deny that this eye cream will instantly snatch and smooth your undereye. However, these results are only temporary – after two hours, the results fade considerably. It’s perfect for those mornings when you wake up with inflammation and need a quick fix before work. With that said, the formula doesn’t provide long-term benefits to minimize fine lines or brighten dark circles over time, therefore it’s not going to become our daily eye cream.

Another concern is that it doesn’t layer well underneath makeup as it leaves a residue that prevents other liquid formulas from blending into your skin seamlessly. So, if you’re someone who relies on a cream concealer to smooth and combat your dark circles, this eye cream probably isn’t for you. However, you can always use a powder formula like our GloWish Luminous Pressed Powder, $33, to brighten the undereye without disrupting the formula. Just make sure you allow enough time for the eye cream to absorb before you layer any powder products on top.

Our final verdict: This formula is definitely very impressive and guarantees instant results making it a great quick fix if you want to take down puffy eyes in the morning. However, as the results are not long-lasting and the formula doesn’t provide long-term benefits, we won’t be using it regularly.

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