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Easy Bake

For me, baking is part of my everyday routine and it’s something I’ve been doing for years, BUT I know for a lot of people it’s a totally alien concept. Most people think baking takes a lot of extra effort and time, and it’s something only people who wear a lot of makeup do (which is totally not the case)! Baking is actually super easy, and what I love about it the most is how airbrushed and smooth it makes your complexion look. It blurs out pores, fine lines, and any uneven skin texture – and the best part, it lasts all day long. This is what led us to create our new Easy Bake Loose Powder. Not only did we work with the most luxurious manufacturers in the world to create a super fine, micronized powder; we also focused a lot on innovation and creating a broad shade spectrum – so everyone can enjoy the beauty of baking! Easy Bake literally just melts together with your makeup with its light, smooth and silky texture, and leaves behind a gorgeous luminous finish along with controlled shine throughout the day. You guys are going to LOVE it!

What we really wanted to do is show people just how easy baking is; it’s literally 10 extra seconds during your makeup routine, which will save you a whole lot of hassle later on – less touch-ups, less creasing, less eyeliner smudging! Baking is so simple; pack powder on, let it sit while you do your brows, brush your teeth, or pick your outfit, then, just dust the excess powder away and voila, airbrushed and baked to perfection! When it comes to application, Easy Bake is easy to use due to its unique powder net that disperses a controlled amount of powder, while the dual-ended Huda Beauty Face | Bake & Blend brush is what makes the whole process foolproof as it really helps with seamless powder application and dusting.

As well as a classic translucent setting powder, we decided to create Easy Bake in eight different shades so there’s a powder to complement, correct, and brighten every skin tone. Because we all have different undertones, the ultra-refined pigments will balance and adjust to make every skin tone look more even. Our main goal when launching this product was to show just how EASY baking is, and how it’s literally going to change your makeup game, forever! Stay tuned for the launch on July 2nd, and more tutorials and how-to’s, we’re here to take you through it all to achieve the most gorgeous, airbrushed complexion! Xx