How To Block Mosquitoes Faster Than Your Ex


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Mosquitoes love hot and humid days, so you better be prepared for their unwanted bites RN. If you’re unfamiliar with these pesky bugs (thank your lucky stars), they’re the blood-sucking vampires of the insect world. And no matter how hard you swing your electric bats, there’s always that *one* teeny monster that manages to slip away, leaving red, itching-like-hell welts all over your body. DW, we know how to prevent and block them quicker than your ex, and we even have some tricks to soothe bites from that “one that got away.”

Mosquito Bite Prevention 101

Picture this: everyone’s having a good time at the pool, but you suddenly feel a MAJOR itch coming on… Yup, it got you! It can be pretty annoying constantly battling mosquitos, especially when your friends are chilling out, bite-free. This probably means you’re ticking a mosquito green flag, which includes:

  • Your blood type: Your blood type plays a huge role. Studies have found that mosquitoes will be more interested in you if you have type O blood.
  • Your hormones: Studies show that people who are pregnant or at certain phases of their menstrual cycle are more attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Your exercise routine: Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale, warmer body temperatures, and higher metabolic rates that occur after you exercise.
  • Dark & bold colors: Studies reveal that mosquitos are drawn to colors like orange, black, cyan, and red, so if you’re constantly getting bitten, avoid these.

To stay off the mosquito menu, slather your skin with mosquito repellent. Look for ingredients like DEET, which is a known repellent, like the Garner’s Garden DEET Free Bug Spray, $13. However, if you’re looking for a natural solution, try the Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Mosquito Repellent, $14. Be sure to do a patch test before you spray all over when you try any type of repellent. Other essential oils and herbs, like rosemary, lavender, and basil, can help keep mosquitoes at bay. We also love to burn citronella candles to amp up our line of defense.

4-Avon-Skin-So-Soft-Original-Dry-Oil-SpraySource: Avon

A Reddit reader fave is to spritz yourself with the Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray, $5, which is a dry oil spray that goes undercover as a bug barrier. If you check the reviews, you’ll see thousands of people confirming it’s the best mosquito repellent on the shelves (even though it’s not designed to be), and honestly, it totally works. Finally, prop a meshed net over your bed so you can catch up on your beauty sleep undisturbed.

Treating The Bitten Area

It happened… You’ve been bitten. LEAVE IT ALONE! It’s tough advice, but scratching not only makes the itching worse, but when you break the skin, you leave it open to infection and even scarring. Try these solutions instead:

1. Apply Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment

This is an all-around miracle ointment that every household should have! It treats burns, moisturizes lips and cracked skin, soothes nappy rash, and for the reason we’re here today, it also gives immediate relief to the itchiness of mosquito bites. Just massage in a tiny amount as soon as you see or feel a bite, and any irritation is almost immediately.

2. Slather On Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is our go-to healer when it comes to healing and soothing inflammation – including swollen mosquito bites. It can help reduce the itchiness and swelling, especially when applied chilled. If you don’t have a plant in your garden, you can use the fragrance-free Clear Aloe Vera Gel, $5, made with 99.7% pure aloe vera. Stash it in the freezer pre-application for an added ahhhhh moment.

3. Use Calamine Lotion

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TBH, calamine lotion deserves way more hype, especially after it got us through the chicken pox. It’s a staple for treating itchiness because it contains two soothing ingredients – zinc oxide and calamine – to create a temporary cooling sensation. #Approved.

4. Use A Cool Compress

Another way to soothe the bitten area is to apply an ice pack or chilled wet cloth. The cold temperature causes the dilated blood vessels near the surface of your skin to narrow, limiting inflammation. Bonus: it’s just what we need in the middle of a heatwave.

Speaking of the heatwave, here are some delicious ways to avoid dehydration this summer.

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