Product Reveal: Our New Metallic Power Bullet Collection

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You all have probably noticed I’m just a little bit obsessed with glitter (ahem… Hello, KiraKira), and I’ve been dying to recreate a classic lipstick with a twist. Holidays are slowly creepin’ up, and IMO the best way to rise to the occasion is with glitter EVERYWHERE! Our new Metallic Power Bullet Lipstick is exactly that. The most comfortable, smooth formula, drenched in glitter, and waiting to be worn for life’s boldest moments! I’m so happy I can finally show you guys our amazing new sparkly formula, the limited edition Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Collection, which comes in three metallic shades to add decadence to all your most important moments.

metallic lipsticks

I’ve always believed in the transformative powers of makeup, and these shades are here to take you to the next level in all their extravagant, shimmering glory!

Cake Day: Dazzling magenta pink infused with blue and silver glitter.

Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Collection After Party: Daring purple bursting with iridescent berry, blue, and silver glitter.

Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Collection

NYE: A dramatic red with vampy undertones and sparkling flecks of gold and red glitter.

Huda Beauty Metallic Power Bullet Collection

Nothing says celebration like shimmers, and we really wanted to give the effect of loose glitter without all the mess and grit. So we created a revolutionary new formula that combines stunning multi-reflective glitter, rich pearl pigments, and iridescent shimmers, all packed into a diamond-shaped bullet to make shaping your lips extra easy. The result is a super smooth satin effect, with the ultimate party-essential; a glitter finish.

metallic lipsticks

It was also super important to me that the formula should be extra long-wearing because let’s be real, nothing kills your vibe like having to reapply in the middle of a party. I’m obsessed with DIYs, and we infused the formula with some of my fave oil, sweet almond oil, to protect, nourish, and lock in moisture. I actually love the process of applying lipstick – it’s so sensual and just a little bit of time out – so we wanted to ensure the formula glides on easily, without skipping or dragging to make it a truly sensory experience.

My tips for application:

To make this bullet as easy to use as possible, we created a diamond-shaped bullet that allows you to get super defined application.

  1. Apply lip balm and blot.
  2. Use the pointed tip to line the edges and sculpt your Cupid’s bow
  3. Use the flat base to fill in the lips
  4. Apply an extra layer for even more impact.

I’m honestly so obsessed with these, and I can’t wait for you guys to play with them!

All three shades will launch on December 3rd at (100 AED), Sephora ($21/$26), Harrods (£18), Selfridges, Brown Thomas (€21), Arnotts,,, and