Recovering Your Hair...On a Budget! (Part 1/3)


Hey My Loves!! Sooo if you’ve been following my SC, then you know I’ve been going through hair rehab the past few months.

I have always had dark hair naturally, very curly, and with high porosity. Hair color just never worked for me but I still did it from time-to-time! I went to LA last summer and decided to finally color it again after a long time. I went to the King of Balayage, Guy Tang…like literally, he’s so amazing! He quite possibly gave me THE most amazing balayage I have ever seen in my life! But the problem again was my hair, it just couldn’t take the bleach. I have since then been on a serious mission to try fix my hair and if you are on the same journey as me; here are one of three things I did that I truly swear by (AND they’re budget-friendly!)

Apply Coconut oil before bedtime.
I learnt from a friend that coconut oil is extensively used in Indian culture for hair care. So I tried using organic, raw coconut oil (which is super inexpensive) and this has def been one of the best & most helpful products I ever used!

What I did:
1. First, put coconut oil in a hot water and let it melt.
2. Apply coconut oil at bedtime. Slather it on to your hair and leave on overnight (place a towel on your pillow), then wash it off the next day with shampoo.
3. Extra: I even apply small amounts of coconut oil to the ends after washing it.

This just made my hair healthier, it feels silkier and doesn’t tangle as much. It deep conditions my hair so much that it actually feels like it goes deep down to the hair root. If you guys are looking for a quick DIY hair mask to do at home, try this one (I swear by it!) – Hair Mask in 60 seconds

I’ll post the other two tips over the next few days! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them! What are some of the things you guys are doing when it comes to hair fall, thinning hair and hair breakage? Xx