Everything You Need To Know Before Committing To The Red Hair Trend


red hair trend

There are some things that are indisputable… The sky is blue, everyone needs to moisturize, Harry Styles is a fashion icon – you get the picture. Another indisputable fact? Red, in all its stunning hues and rich copper variants, is THE hair color of 2022. Literally, all the supermodels and social media mega babes have experimented with the hair color, from Kendall Jenner to Joan Smalls and Kaia Gerber. It’s the ultimate standout shade, which explains why it’s the 2022 hair color phenomenon. And if one thing is for sure, we’ve been indoors for too long and we’re ready to step outside and turn heads, and with a new red ‘do that’s a sure thing! Just take a look at the video below and you’ll understand.

However, we can’t deny that red hair is a big commitment – it’s one of the most challenging colors to maintain. So to ensure you leave the salon happy with healthy, not damaged new strands, we got in touch with our go-to colorist from London’s Jo Hansford Salon; Tommy Drury. We asked him everything…

Does Red Hair Look Good On Everyone?

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First and foremost, Tommy confirms, “Red can be incredibly flattering, plus, its versatility gives options for a lot of people.” Adding, “Red hair can dramatically change the look of a person and their effects do vary. Some will softly enhance a client’s natural beauty, perhaps bringing out their eye color or warming their skin tones, others will create much more of a statement.” Basically, get ready to embrace the change.

How To Pick Your Perfect Red Hue

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According to Tommy, when you’re picking the exact red hue to play with, “Like any color, it’s paramount to consider all factors from skin tone to eye color.” He continues, “Skin tone will usually be the determining factor when choosing the perfect red, lifestyle and personality coming in at a close second.”

Ultimately, starting with your undertone should be step number one. Figuring out your undertone is super easy, just check out this quick guide. Unlike makeup, hair colors work better when they contrast with your undertone. The general rule is those of us with cool undertones suit a warmer shade, and those with warm undertones, look great with a cool, ashy brown.

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Maria Dowling, the Creative Director of Maria Dowling Salon and the Middle East’s ‘Queen of Color, explains, “It’s important to be aware that not all color shades suit everyone. For example, going too dark on fair skin tones can be aging. Tones go from light, medium, and dark, and warm and cool. Your skin tone, eye color, and original base color will determine your ideal color palette.” Tommy’s go-to hue? “If you can pull off copper, then you should go copper.”

Can You Go Red In One Salon Appointment?

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One thing hair colorists are always telling us is to be realistic when you step into the salon. Basically, hair dye can be extremely stressful for your strands, so you might need several visits to achieve your dream color. For example, can you go from black to platinum blonde in one sitting? Just ask Kim K. The answer is No. It took her over 11 hours to reach her Marilyn Monroe Met Gala moment.

However, when it comes to red, Tommy says, “Depending on the desired shade, and what you’re starting with, it can be achieved in one sitting. The longevity and consistency, however, will improve over time.”

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And don’t worry if you’ve previously colored your hair. Tommy explains, “Previously colored hair can impact the color in different ways, it really depends on a lot of factors. If there’s a build-up of artificial pigment on the hair (that may obstruct) then it may need to be gently cleansed. On the other hand, previous lightening services may serve to enhance the final look giving the color a brighter canvas to shine on.”

Does Red Hair Color Fade Quickly? What Can You Do To Help The Color Remain Fresh?

Get ready for some science-y talk…“Red pigments are fickle. Their molecules are significantly larger than those found in other colors, which can lead to increased color fade. They can also be tenacious, leaving residual color in the hair for quite some time,” says Tommy.

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But Tommy says there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the color: “More so than with other services, I always recommend color protection. My current favorite range is Oway Color Protection, this includes the color protection hair bath, $33, color protection hair mask, $35, and color protection veil, $39. They’re generally suitable for all hair types, they’re organic, and they come in glass bottles. On top of color protection, Olaplex works to improve the hair structure and therefore improve all color services.”

Are you tempted to go red? Let us know in the comments below.

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