How To Remove That Waxy Layer From Your Powder Products


In all our years of inhaling everything the beauty world has to offer us, we’ve noticed that even the best of beauty products can still have hitches! Whether it’s a blocked pump or a broken lipstick bullet, sometimes these things happen! One very common occurrence, no matter what brand it is, is that strange waxy layer that inevitably builds up on almost any of your pressed face powders. The reason it happens? Either you’re not washing your brushes frequently enough (the most common cause) or it’s a delicious, creamy formula that’s more susceptible to build up.

The thing is, when this waxy layer develops on your powders, no brush will pick up the formula, regardless of how hard you try. But don’t worry guys, there’s an easy fix and it’ll take you less than a minute! Here’s how to fix your pressed powder in seconds.

What Causes the Layer?

The cause of that waxy layer is not too cute! In fact, it’s essentially a buildup of oil from your face that’s transferred via a makeup brush onto your powder. This layer essentially seals the powder, which then prevents it from being picked up by your brush or finger. This is just another reason why it’s important to clean your brushes regularly, to help prevent any oils from your face being transferred to your products. To find out how to clean your brushes like a pro, read this.

How to Prevent Wax Build-Up

As we mentioned, cleaning your brushes regularly is key as the dirtier your brushes the more likely build-up is. If you tend to apply a bronzer or blush directly on top of your foundation or any other base, you’re more likely to see a wax build up on those powder products. However, if you typically apply a setting powder and then use a separate brush for your bronzer or blush, you’ll probably be much less likely to get this build-up because the second brush doesn’t actually touch any ‘wet/ oily’ formulas.

Our tips:

  1. Wash your makeup brushes every week
  2. Apply a loose setting powder all over before applying blush or bronzer
  3. If applying powders directly on top of cream products, avoid re-swirling your brush into the powder too often, and wash the brush regularly to avoid transferring oils back onto your powder product.

How to Get Rid of the Waxy Layer

There are two quick ways of getting rid of this layer; using a spooley or sticky tape. We tried them all out, here’s how each DIY works:

How to Fix Pressed Powder with a Spooley

Instructions: Using circular motions gently rub away the film with your spoolie (you can use a plastic knife if you don’t have a spoolie). Tap off any excess product.

Final Verdict: There were fewer indentations using a spoolie than a knife and both effectively removed the wax layer.

2. How to Fix Pressed Powder with Sticky Tape

Instructions: Gently press sticky tape onto the powder and gently peel off.

Final verdict: This method worked really well and didn’t damage the product at all. You may need to press and peel multiple times to get off all of it, but it only takes 30 seconds!

Let us know if you’ve had this waxy layer on your powder products before.