We Tried The World’s First Retinol Gummy, Here’s What Happened



When it comes to active ingredients, retinol is like the Regina George of the skincare world. It’s one of the most talked-about ingredients on the shelves, loved by many, and feared by others due to its potent and sometimes aggravating side effects. So, when we heard about the world’s first retinol gummy that eliminated the risk of irritation and still possessed all the amazing skincare benefits, needless to say, we were intrigued.

Introducing Embody’s The Retinol Gummy, $28, promising to leave your skin glowier, more even, supple, and healthier than before without the slog of a 14-step routine. Of course, with claims that good, we had to put them to the test – here’s what happened when we did…

What it is: A super tasty, strawberry-flavored gummy containing retinyl acetate, an ester of retinol, which your body uses to convert into usable retinoic acid. It’s also fueled with brightening antioxidant vitamin C, and biotin to support cellular function and support immune function.


What it does: This skin-saving, health-boosting gummy is designed to stimulate skin cell turnover to firm and plump your skin while simultaneously softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. As it contains vitamin C, which is a mandatory cofactor that’s your body needs to produce collagen, it’ll also helps to leave your skin brighter and more supple than before. The boost of antioxidants also neutralizes harmful free radicals and protects your skin from environmental aggressors, like blue light pollution. The biotin content works to strengthen your skin’s cellular function and provides essential vitamins that the body needs for reproduction and repair. Plus, it supports your body’s keratin structure, thereby strengthening your hair and nails.

If you’re feeling a little skeptical about these claims, the results don’t lie. During a clinical study, 83.33% of participants aged 18-45 agreed their skin looked brighter, not to mention there was a visible improvement and evenness of overall skin tone. They also confirmed that their skin felt hydrated and less dry over time.

What we liked: Let us just start by explaining why we love beauty gummies – they’re easy to use, target your skincare issues from within, and (sometimes) taste so good it feels like you’re eating candy. That was definitely the case with Embody’s gummies – they tasted SO delicious. We took them in the afternoon when we needed a little pick-me-up. It’s as easy as two gummies each day!

The results: First and foremost, a word of warning (or should we say reality)… when it comes to benefiting from gummies or any supplement, consistency, and patience is key. You won’t see results after two or three days, or even a week. The results will come in slowly but with the right gummies, they will come in. It’s also important to note that we weren’t using a topical retinol product before trying these gummies. Similarly, when you’re taking these retinol supplements daily, you don’t need to use a topical retinol product.

After approximately two weeks, our skin felt more hydrated than before and in those areas where our skin typically gets dry, it was flake-free. When we hit the one-month mark, we began to see real results – our skin was glowier and more even than before. We’ve now been taking these gummies daily for over three months and we haven’t just noticed skincare benefits, but our hair has benefitted too, it generally looks healthier and less damaged. Even when we were a little lazy with our skin and hair care routine, our glow game never suffered. Most importantly, we never experienced the dreaded retinol purge, AKA when your skin reacts to retinol by forming small bumps or dry patches.

What we didn’t like: One thing to note is that although these gummies are gluten-free and vegetarian, they’re not vegan or sugar-free, and the brand doesn’t recommend them for diabetics. However, they are vegetarian and gluten-free. Plus, the amount of sugar is equivalent to less than one teaspoon of honey. You also only get one month’s worth of gummies in each bottle so you’d need to buy three bottles to experience similar results.

Our final verdict: Not only are these gummies absolutely delicious, but they also provide real results without the hassle of using a topical retinol product. They’re now an essential part of our daily beauty routine and eliminate the risk that comes alongside topical retinol products.

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