RIP To These Beauty Trends In 2020


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2019 has been a pretty major year: the world was introduced to Lizzo, Jennifer Aniston literally broke Instagram, and J.Lo killed it in that iconic green Versace dress, again! Over in the beauty world, there was quite a bit of drama (understatement of the decade), a lot of Bratz Doll makeup looks, skincare got its moment, and gemstones made it big with the popularity of Euphoria makeup.

However, while many things have entered our lives, it’s time to say bye Felicia to others, like these five beauty trends. That’s the thing about trends, they don’t last forever, and these five trends have officially died, #RIP!

1. Matte Skin


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Over the last few years, matte makeup has been huge; matte skin, matte lips, matte brows! But with a return to a more natural makeup look and the increasing popularity of skincare, and our obsession with glass skin, getting that glow is what it’s all about. RIP matte makeup looks for 2020! Even the number of glow-giving makeup products we have stashed at our desk is a clear indication that matte is a thing of the past. Scrolling through Instagram all we can see is lips dripping in gloss and glass-like cheekbones – that dewy look just gives such a healthy glow.

2. Filler, Filler, and More Filler!

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In the past five years, the world became obsessed with fillers. At one point, fillers were the number one cosmetic surgery around the world. However, this year we saw a decline in the dominating trend and a more natural look start to take shape. And while we can’t say that we’ll never dabble in fillers again, we definitely feel that for the next decade, the super voluptuous, plump lips and overly sculpted cheekbones look is being replaced with a softer look, and we’re here for it!

3. Cake Face

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As self-proclaimed cake faces, we never thought we’d see the day when we’d be swerving the cake face life for a more natural look. But as the no-makeup makeup look becomes more and more popular, we’re seeing less and less heavy contouring and more subtle bronzing, and an overall toning down in the severity of brows and eyeshadow trends. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still applying the same layers of makeup, we’re just being a little more light-handed with it.

We’re totally feeling this glowing, natural look on the gorgeous Christina Abiola.


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4. Textured, Tousled Waves

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In the hair department, loose, tousled, beachy waves will be reserved for the beach,  and we’ll see glam, Hollywood waves take center stage. So say goodbye to that underdone texture and opt for a sleek look, think 1960s-inspired updos, polished hair like the Kim K bob, and tight braids. Check out celeb hairstylist, Justine Marjan’s hair trend predictions for 2020.

5. Playing it Safe

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If 2019 was the year of self-acceptance, 2020 will be the year of self-expression. 2019 said goodbye to body shaming and gender boundaries, and hello to celebrating every unique detail of yourself in all its beautiful glory. So, while no-makeup-makeup may be on the rise, the opportunity to be unapologetically yourself and express your creativity in any way you want has arrived. Expect beauty to enter new realms – if you want to bathe yourself in glitter? Cool. If you want to bedazzle your eyebrows to go to work? Even better. 2020 is all about expressing yourself, and makeup is your weapon.

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