RIP To These Beauty Trends In 2021


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2020 was a wild ride for obvious reasons and I think we can all agree there’s a lot we’d like to leave behind! And as always, there are some beauty trends we’ll be bidding farewell to as well. In 2021, natural and authentic beauty will continue to rule and we’ll be side-stepping overly-glam vibes, heavy contour, and even semi-permanent makeup. On a more practical note, we’ll also say goodbye to anything high maintenance and instead welcome easy-to-achieve trends – can we get a hallelujah? Consider this your 2021 trend report!

RIP to Heavy Contour

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As much as we love contouring, 2021 is all about soft, natural glam, so you can say goodbye to harsh and dramatic contour. With that said, don’t feel you should abandon contouring altogether…

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Instead, opt for a warm, sculpted glow. The easiest way to achieve this is with a cream contour product that will blend into the skin more seamlessly than a powder. Our go-to is the Huda Beauty Tantour, $30, as the contour and bronzer hybrid is easily buildable and will allow you to achieve a natural, chiseled glow. You can also expect to see a continued obsession with blush. To add definition and a rosy glow, we like to dab a cream blush along our cheekbones. It helps to create a soft, pretty finish without any harsh lines.

RIP To High-Maintenance Hair Colors

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Ask anyone who started 2020 as a bleached blonde and we bet they’ll tell you ALL about their root struggles. With salon closures for the majority of 2020, almost anyone with faux-colored hair was met with unwanted roots and faded color.

As a result, we’ll see a decline in high maintenance hair colors that require salon treatments and regular upkeep. If you do want to mix it up, opt for soft highlights and lowlights or balayage, as these hairstyles will grow out well. If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that you never know when your next appointment will be!

RIP to Overstyled Hair


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The natural hair movement has been getting stronger and stronger, and in 2021 it’s here to rule. People are embracing their authentic texture more than ever, whether that’s straight, wavy, curly, or coily. Daily heat styling? That’s SO 2019! With the majority of the world working from home, there’s less pressure and a greater emphasis on our wellbeing and hair health.

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As if we needed any more of an excuse, natural hairstyles also featured heavily across the 2021 runways. Brands like Victora Beckham, Burberry, and Armani showcased low maintenance, naturally-styled hair.

RIP To Microblading and Tattoo Brows

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From heavily sculpted to laminated, our brows have gone on a journey of shape-discovery over the past few years. Regardless of the current trend, one thing is for sure, trends will change and we’ll want to experiment. This means there’ll be fewer of us opting for microbladed brows, and considering they come with a hefty price tag, we’re finding it harder to justify. Finally, with salons still closed in many areas of the world, the reality is that for many of us, it might not even be an option.

Our current fave brow style is big and bushy, and not easy to fake, and we see this look (and variations of it) continuing to dominate in 2021.

RIP To Limited Shade Ranges

Our shopping habits changed drastically over the course of 2020. Not only did we move online and spend our days awaiting our latest package, but more than ever before the power of where you spend your money became apparent. In 2021, people want to support brands that are ethical, inclusive, and politically conscious. In the beauty industry, this means supporting brands that cater to all skin tones, hair types, and genders, and those that are ethically conscious. We’re also looking forward to seeing sustainable beauty practices becoming a more important business practice for beauty brands, and we look forward to seeing positive change.

The Trend that Resurrected: Matte Lipstick

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Just when we were about to stash away our matte lipsticks in favor of glossy, juicier formulas (which we still love), wearing face masks in public became mandatory, and therefore, finding long-lasting formulas became a new priority. Re-enter… Matte lipsticks. Ultimately, the nature of matte formulas means they typically have a longer staying power and will stay smudge-proof and mask-proof for longer. If you’re still on the quest for the right formula, check out our fave long-lasting mask proof lipsticks.

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