Sorry Barbiecore, Romcom Core Is Our New Beauty Vibe For 2023

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Main character energy is a real thing, and according to Pinterest, this year, it’s not any kinda main character energy that’s going to take over; it’s romcom core, as in romantic comedy heroines. Yup, it’s time for barbiecore and cottagecore to step aside as romcom core is set to dominate 2023. If you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, dw, we’re going to explain everything and deliver tons of inspo (obvs) of what that means for your beauty routine. So crank out the popcorn (or the rosé if that’s more your vibe), get your gals over, and binge our romcom core guide. Oh, and this definitely calls for a Pinterest inspo board.

What is Romcom Core?

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Romcom core is a new aesthetic inspired by all of your fave 90s and 2000s romcom movies. For us, that’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Love & Basketball, and Maid in Manhattan. Ooo, and we can’t forget Hitch or Notting Hill… NGL, that era of romcoms just hit different.

TBH, the obsession with looking like you’ve been plucked straight from the noughties makes total sense. As Pinterest points out, “Y2K fashion has been trending for a while.” However, they add, “Now, people are chasing more than an aesthetic: they want that main character energy that defined the movie industry in the 2000s. That means upgrading everyday moments and making small habits, like trips to the coffee shop, feel like a scene from their favorite romcom.”

It also feeds into the TikTok trend of romanticizing your life and making everyday activities feel glamorous and, honestly, a little OTT. Again, it all just makes sense; after the pandemic, even going for a stroll and sippin’ on a cocktail or an – let’s be honest, overpriced – latte feels special and worth dressing up for.

Pinterest predicts romcom core to be the next big fashion trend, but we all know no look is complete without a cute hairstyle and a beat to match your vibe. If you’re wondering what your ‘fit should be saying,’ shop slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants, and claw clips to nail the romcom core vibe. Or if the occasion calls for it, a feather bower – Harry Styles gets it.

Romcom Core Makeup

If you think back to your fave romcom movies, you’ll prob remember that contouring was not a thing (no YouTube back then!), and the makeup looks were all about letting your natural beauty shine through. So when it comes to romcom core makeup, it taps into the minimal no-makeup makeup vibe that’s been trending for the past two years. Think a skin tint with sheer coverage that lets your skin take center stage. We’re obsessed with the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation, $48, as well as our GloWish Multidew Skin Tint, $37, as it leaves your skin with the perfect lit-from-within, I’m falling in love kinda glow.

Keep the contour light and instead focus on using a blush that melts seamlessly into your skin and gives that “oh my gosh, you’re making me blush” finish. Shop the e.l.f. Putty Blush, $7, or the NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Blush, $10, and you’ll effortlessly nail that feeling.

A key feature of the classic 90s/ noughties beat are the brows. The female leads typically had that slender brow style with a thinner tail that’s synonymous with the 90s. Oh, and don’t forget to highlight underneath the tail of your brow – this is a must.

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Of course, no look is complete without a little lip action but once again, keep it natural. Opt for a tinted lip balm with a glossy finish. Just think: you need your pout ready for smooching. For this, the TikTok fave, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $22, is perfect.

If you do want to elevate the look, add a hint of a cool-toned shimmer to your lids and smoke out the outer corner with a grey matte shadow – you know these noughties babes loved a smokey eye. Finish with a whispy, fluttery lash for that irresistible eye contact moment. For added drama, you can also add a little black pencil to your waterline.

Romcom Core Hair

Romcom hair basically just needs to blow effortlessly in the wind. It should be romantic but also radiate main character energy. So, what does that really look like? In this iconic era of cinematic history, we saw plenty of bouncy blow-drys and long-flowing braids. We also saw our fair share of prom updos and claw clips – remember, you want to give effortless, even if it requires effort.

If you’re an accessories girlie, take note of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill and add a beret or replicate Regina Hall in any of these lewks.

Will you be experimenting with romcom core? Let us know in the comments below.

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