This New Gender-Neutral Skincare Line Promises Healthy, Happy Skin

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Inclusivity is becoming more omnipresent these days – ahem, it’s about damn time – so we’re psyched the beauty industry is finally starting to take note. Why should the skincare products that make us look and feel better about ourselves have anything to do with gender anyway? Meet Romer, a gender-neutral skincare line that’s launching this month, with the mission to inspire confidence through the use of clean ingredients and great results.

“At Romer we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your ideals to have beautiful skin,” says founder Lauren Rome. “That’s why we skip the toxic materials and stick to simple ingredients that revive, replenish, calm, and control your skin.”

Transparency is also key to Romer, so all of their botanicals, oils, and extracts (like manuka honey, antioxidant green tea, calendula, and rosemary oil to name a few…) are organically grown, ethically sourced, and clearly labeled. “We monitor the product journey every step of the way and ban any ingredients or processes that do not meet our standards,” adds Rome.

The brand’s dedication to people and the planet extends well beyond what’s in the bottle as well. Aside from sustainable packaging – crafted with at least 50% post-consumer recycled materials – they donate a portion of sales to environmental causes and support like-minded nonprofits.


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As for their products, their debut three-step skincare regimen includes the essentials: a nourishing gel-oil cleanser, lightweight daily moisturizer, and CBD-infused day and night treatment mask. Products are also in the mid-tier affordability sector, with Moisturize coming in at $39.50 and Cleanse at $44.50. Treat is the most expensive of the three (at $74.50), but that’s because it’s packed with good-for-you buzzy ingredients like squalane, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, bakuchiol and niacinamide to improve fine lines and brighten – plus firm and smooth texture – and carrot, prickly pear seed oils, and CBD to strengthen the moisture barrier and revitalize dull skin in need of a glow-up tune-up.

“The collection is the best as far as quality and performance are concerned, yet it’s simple and affordable,” explains Rome. “We strongly believe in a less is more approach and sought out to create three products that save people time when it comes to their daily routine.” and based on our own research in a mixed-gender sample, we found that 90% of participants noticed their skin improved by only using our three steps after four weeks.”

The vegan, cruelty-free collection is also safe for all skin types and considering it’s meant to be used by all genders, you’ll have more room on your top shelf for other products if you happen to be cohabitating. Win-win if you ask us.