These Scents Will Legit Make You Smell Like Bad Gal RiRi (From $18)



Fun fact: whenever RiRi walks the red carpet she’s doused in a delicious bouquet that’s got everyone from Lil Nas X to Cardi B obsessed. I mean, someone on Twitter actually dedicated an entire thread to celebs swooning over her scent. Cray. We’ve got the DL on why her go-to scent smells SO divine, along with five similar fragrances – from just $18 – that’ll get your boo hungry for you.

What Does Bad Gal RiRi Smell Like? 

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Think back to the most luxurious dessert you’ve ever had – that’s it.

When a fragrance overpowers your senses to the point where you literally want to eat it, it’s known as a gourmand scent. These create a sugary heaven to stir your appetite with notes like vanilla, caramel, burnt sugar, and almonds. However, we wouldn’t recommend just buying gourmands without testing them first, as they can be a bit polarising.

The DL On RiRi’s Fave Perfume

By-Kilian-Love-Dont-Be-ShySource: KILIAN Paris

RiRi uses the KILIAN Paris Love, Don’t Be Shy, $250, to smell deliciously sweet. The warm accord opens with orange blossom and plush marshmallow before steering toward intimate vanillas and sweet caramels, for a sugary gourmand vibe. It’s a luxurious choice for date nights, or days when you want to smell like her… Which is every day, for us.

5 Of Our Fave Gourmand Picks  

These five fragrance picks passed our 3-step quality test:

1. Must feel like a hug from Rihanna.
2. All-day wear.
3. Easier on the pocket (compared to her spritz, ofc).

Douse yourself in a candied embrace with these five deliciously sweet gourmands:

1. Be Layered Caramel Overdose, $63

1-Be-Layered-Caramel-OverdoseSource: Be Layered

Notes: Caramel, vanilla, pear, rose, citrus, and orange blossom.

Why we love it: Before it evokes your inner Rihanna, Be Layered Caramel Overdose, $63, takes you on a sugar spree with its candy-deep caramels and sweet vanilla notes. White florals like neroli and orange blossom drip in a syrup-like sweetness that lasts all day… Or night.

Perfect for: Date night with the boo.

2. Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast, $18


Source: Bath & Body Works

Notes: Vintage champagne, sparkling tangerine, red hibiscus, white nectarine, black currant Chambord, and juicy passionfruit.

Why we love it: Bubbly champagne meets fresh citrus to bring your #ItGirl dreams to life, all before the spicy notes of white nectarine settle. The mist is filled with sparkling berries and juicy tangerines for a fruity explosion that feels SO divine.

Perfect for: Walking to class, the office, post pilates.

3. MOODEAUX Worthy Supercharged Skinscent Grab-Then-Go Duo, $65

3-Moodeaux-Worthy-Supercharged-Skinscent-Grab-Then-Go-DuoSource: MOODEAUX

Notes: White tea, orange blossom, red rose, lavender, leafy greens, dry musk, vanilla woods, and amber.

Why we love it: If you reach for earthy scents, the Moodeaux Worthy Supercharged Skinscent Grab-Then-Go Duo, $65, is an addictive mix of floral-woodsy accords that play with your body’s natural pheromones. The oil-infused fragrance locks moisture into your skin along with notes of white tea, orange blossom, and the gourmand fave: vanilla.

Perfect for: Slumber party with your squad.

4. KAYALI Rollerball Eau De Parfum Musk | 12 & Vanilla | 28, $25 


Notes: MUSK | 12: Jasmine, musks, and sandalwood. VANILLA | 28: Vanilla orchids, tonka absolute, and amber woods.

Why we love it: Powerful yet delicious, the KAYALI Rollerball Eau De Parfum Musk | 12 & Vanilla | 28, $25, is the ultimate conversation starter. The double-ended rollerball holds a luxurious blend of vanilla and creamy sandalwood in MUSK | 12 along with a gourmand mix of jasmine and rich Madagascar vanilla in VANILLA | 28. Wear individually or layer for nights that turn into breakfasts in bed.

Perfect for: A yacht party when you know a special somebody’s going to be there.

5. Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray, $25

5-Vera-Wang-Princess-Eau-de-Toilette-SpraySource: Vera Wang

Notes: Apple, water lily, mandarin meringue, Tahitian Tiare flower, dark chocolate, vanilla chiffon, amber, and musk.

Why we love it: If you’re one for cocktails, the Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray, $25, is a sweet concoction for brunchin’. It opens with fresh notes of sweet water lily before giving way to dark chocolate and creamy tuberose and drying to vanilla and royal musk. Fun fact: Vera Wang hides bedazzled rings in her Princess Collection below the bottle’s crown top.

Perfect for: A Saturday brunch with the girls uptown.

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