J.Lo's MUA Reveals His Top Makeup Tips & Fave Products



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Scott Barnes is a makeup legend. Idolized for his work with muse Jennifer Lopez and his signature, bronzed beyond belief, “Glow” style, he pretty much slays the lit from within game. So, naturally, we turned to the glam gawd for his tried-and-true tips and must-have product picks.

From the ultimate shimmer mist (from an unexpected sunscreen nonetheless) and a dewy face oil to beat all others to a do-it-all eyeshadow palette, you’re going to want to revamp your cosmetics kit after reading this.


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Barnes also schools us on how to layer foundation and blush in a “Blush Sandwich” move that will blow your mind, and lends his expertise when it comes to making the inner eye look bright, not cakey!

His list of genius hacks and go-to beautifiers is seriously the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season — and into the new year. You’re welcome.

Scott Barnes’ Top 5 Tips for the J. Lo Look:

1. Never Apply Blush Too Far on the Sides of Your Face


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“Instead of applying blush to the sides of your face, apply it towards the front of your cheeks, more under the eye line. Applying blush on the sides, or stretching it out really far like it’s some sort of blush contour, will make you look older or outdated. The only time you want to put blush on the sides is if you are doing an editorial shoot or fashion shoot with a specific reason. Proper blush screams youth and that’s the makeup gospel truth.”

2. Master the Mascara Root Scrub

“I don’t think people realize how much mascara can actually transform your overall look, but I see a lot of problems with how people are applying it. It’s best to get down to the root of the lashes and almost scrub the mascara wand back and forth at the root so that you’re creating a more distinct line in that area, before you move to top of the lashes. Don’t be scared or timid, get assertive at the root so you can create a rich look. Also, I often prefer using thinner false lashes with a wider fullness and applying mascara to those, versus using an overall thick false lash where mascara might be too much for the eye.”

3. Perfect the Art of the Blush Sandwich


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“One of the best ways to appear as if you have a really natural color is to apply strong blush and color over your initial layer of foundation, then go back over it again with the same foundation and brush you used earlier. This sort of traps the color underneath and creates a blush sandwich color between two foundation layers. This technique also allows the blush to breathe through the top foundation layer, to give you a more natural, youthful look. It takes a little practice, but if you aren’t scared to try it, you might start getting comments on your youthful glow before you know it.”

4. Start With a Strong Eyebrow Line When Contouring


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“I often use dark brown contour makeup and a sharp-edge makeup brush to define the eyebrow shape. You want to start by defining a strong line on the bottom of the brow that carries itself into the hairs, then define the top line. Next, brush up into the hairs in the middle brow and then work your way towards the inner brow. Last, you can use a lighter contour shade to blend the upper eyelid into the brow and to blend out the brows’ bottom line.”

5. Inner Eye Foundation

“I understand the inclination to apply thick layers of coverage in the darker inner eye areas, but the truth is: all you need is a lighter shade of foundation that you may not instinctually pick. It’s all about brightness, not about coverage. Ideally, you want to find a foundation that has a brighter, youthful pigment to bring that area forward, with as minimal effort and layering as possible. Make sure you blend and adjust. A cakey or thick inner eye area can often look too obviously painted, which then draws a critical eye to the rest of your makeup.”

6 Products Scott Barnes Swears By:

1. Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, $129

scott barnes favorite products

“This Sisley oil is my go-to; I take it everywhere with me and often blend this into foundation. It gives you dewy skin that’s pliable and looks less rested on the face, the way thicker or more drying foundation can appear. Honestly, it’s the beauty industry’s best-kept secret for youthful, healthy, natural-looking skin and makeup. Oil is your friend and it helps avoid a monotone, flat look.”

2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray, $7.50

scott barnes favorite products

“I can’t stress this product enough! Whether you are going out in the sun or going out at night to a party, spray this on and you will have a luxurious shimmer and shine that’s just the right amount. Use it on your upper body or any parts that are exposed. By now everyone knows I swear by it and you will too.”

3. Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Eyeshadows, $25

scott barnes favorite products

“This eyeshadow is amazing to travel with. It’s so convenient and a great tool if you’re on the go and need a high-quality eyeshadow that’s a cut above. For the jetsetter, I definitely recommend having one or two in your makeup kit!”

4. Scott Barnes Snatural Eyeshadow Palette, $84

“Snatural Eyeshadow is from my new collection of palettes and is the ultimate natural color palette developed for an elevated result. If you love natural, toned makeup, this is for you! This palette was a labor of love and it took me the longest to develop. You really can rely on it day after day and it’s my go-to for J.Lo.

With Snatural, you can achieve all the core colors that you’d find in a natural palette, but with some snatched colors and formulas you wouldn’t expect. There’s also a secret surprise color in the palette that I haven’t really talked about until now, SIN. I developed it to be the best black color there is for eyeshadow. It’s the ultimate smokey eye color – not too black, not too thick, the correct hue and the formula is different from all the others. It’s a dream come true. Once you discover it, it changes everything!”

5. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Loose Powder, $36

scott barnes favorite products

“This is one of the best powder ‘erasers’ out there, to take out wrinkles and give the under-eye some pop. If you can learn to use this, you can take your eyes to another level. Use sparingly though, because a little goes a long way.”

6. Scott Barnes Chic Cheek Blush Palette, $58

scott barnes favorite products

“Chic Cheek is also from my new collection and it’s the ultimate blush palette that has literally replaced all my other blushes. I researched and tested colors and formulas on J.Lo for Hustlers and her “It’s My Party” tour, which was perfect given all the different looks and transformations she would go through. Mango Fizz, Minimalist, and Sweet Cheeks are my personal color favorites. I also included two illuminators that you can brush on top, so you can essentially take your blush to another level of sheen without [the] hue shifting the color too much. When you sit down and swatch the colors, you’ll realize you have all of the colors you’ll ever need in one place!”

We don’t know about you, but we literally just added all these products to our cart. BRB, going to try out that Blush Sandwich!