Sea Fennel Is The Bomb Skincare Ingredient You Need In Your Routine

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Sea fennel extract

Cure-all ingredients are hard to come by in skincare. However, sea fennel extract is one of those rare ingredients that everyone can use, and it will, in some way or another, enhance your skincare regime… It softens, hydrates, unclogs pores, boosts collagen, tones, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Many skincare experts actually refer to it as a natural and more effective alternative to the skincare hero, retinol. Here’s everything you need to know about the miracle ingredient and how it’s going to take your routine to the next level.

Why Sea Fennel Extract Is The New G.O.A.T

Thanks to marine-based skincare brand La Mer, most people are aware of the MAJOR benefits of sea-based ingredients. And similar to its underwater sister algae, sea fennel grows in the sea and is fed by natural silica in the sand. As a result, it’s packed with radiance-boosting sea minerals including vitamin A, a natural form of retinol, brightening vitamin C, strengthening vitamin E, as well as amino acid peptides. Here’s exactly how it’s going to help your skin:

For all skin: Firstly, as it contains Vitamin A (the natural form of retinol) it’s believed to be more effective than its synthetic counterpart as the skin is more receptive to a natural, unprocessed ingredient. Firstly, it can help soothe acne as it regulates the turnover of skin cells that line pores, which helps avoid clogging. It also boosts collagen production, cell renewal, and a whole host of other skin functions to help your skin stay firm, smooth and healthy. A powerful multitasker, vitamin A is also known to even out skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars. In short: it’s the

For dull, dry skin: As sea fennel extract also contains vitamin C and E, it will brighten and hydrate the skin. Not only will it provide a surge of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggressors but it strengthens the skin’s epidermis layer, preventing moisture loss. Perfect for giving your skin a natural glow.

For youthful skin: Sea fennel extract is a rich source of amino acid peptides, which help boost levels of elastin and keratin in the skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firming the skin.

Sea Fennel Products We Love

Sea_fennelSource: Origins, Oska, La Mer

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum, $80: This powerful anti-aging serum is formulated with sea fennel as well as the Anogeissus & Bamboo Power Complex, which help improve the texture of the skin.

OSKIA Restoration Oil, $21: This oil is a total bargain when you consider the skin-loving inkey list, which includes African Acmella and Alaria Esculenta Algae to rejuvenate the skin.

La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum, $260: La Mer is the queen of sea-minerals and the Lifting Contour Serum In one of the MVPs. The sea-sourced serum will boost collagen levels leaving the skin feeling firmer and looking brighter. It’s an undeniable splurge but the formula packs a serious punch.

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