6 Seductive Perfumes To Get Extra Naughty This SZN (Sorry, Santa)



Santa’s (obviously) an ahhhhmazing planner, so we bet he finalized his Naughty and Nice List months ago. Thank the lawwd because these perfumes make it impossible for us to stay off his naughty list. Allow us to introduce you to six deliciously seductive scents that are cranking up the heat in our love life this winter… Tried, tested, and approved *wink, wink.*

1. Billie Eilish Eilish No. 2 Eau De Parfum, $72

2-Eilish-No2-Billie-EilishSource: Billie Eilish

Notes: Italian bergamot, apple blossom, papyrus, black pepper, poppy flowers, palo santo, ebony, and musk.

Why we love it: The first spritz greets your skin with a burst of Italian bergamot and juicy apple blossom before spicy, peppery notes settle. But the *real* seduction starts once warm ebony and musk intertwine, making you impossible to miss in a crowd.

Perfect for: Run-across-the-street hugs.

2.  ZARA Red Temptation Winter, $30 

3-ZARA-Red-Temptation-WinterSource: ZARA

Notes: Saffron, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar.

Why we love it: This hypnotic juice seduces with woody notes of saffron that dry down to a burst of fresh jasmine. The crispness is balanced with the richness of patchouli and cedar that never stop kissing your skin.

Perfect for: Kisses under the mistletoe, or the fireplace, the kitchen island… You get the idea!

3. KAYALI Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64, $138


Notes: Vanilla orchid, golden rum, vanilla, tonka bean accord, smoky leather, crème brulée, sugared patchouli, brown sugar, and royal oud.

Why we love it: Meet Vanilla | 28‘s sexy sister. The elixir blends creamy vanilla, sweet crème brûlée, and sugared patchouli, making you smell irresistibly good. The gourmand scent intensifies as smoky leather, brown sugar, and oud take over. The projection and longevity of this fragrance will keep you smelling sweet from the first spray to the last kiss.

Perfect for: Candlelit dinners with the boo.

4. Lake & Skye Santal Gray, $98

6-Lake-&-Skye-Santal-GraySource: Lake & Skye

Notes: Sandalwood, violet leaf, musk, and cardamom.

Why we love it: Rack in the “you-smell-so-good” compliments with this unforgettable scent. Thank seductive sandalwood and fresh violet leaf, followed by musk and cardamom, for adding an intoxicating flavor to this showstopping juice.

Perfect for: Hand-in-hand strolls that turn into snowball fights.

5. Ellis Brooklyn VANILLA MILK Eau de Parfum, $105 

4-Ellis-Brooklyn-VANILLA-MILK-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Ellis Brooklyn

Notes: Bourbon vanilla bean extract, upcycled cocoa shell, and frangipani.

Why we love it: The creamy Eau de Parfum harmonizes with your body’s heat and chemistry with a delicious duo of vanilla extracts, comforting cocoa, and rich Amyris. It’s undeniably you… Which is why your partner will love it so much.

Perfect for: Cozy cuddles in bed.

6. La Boticá Soho Eau De Parfum, $165

5-La-Boticá-Soho-Eau-De-ParfumSource: La Boticá

Notes: Violet, peach blossom, vanilla, orris, and sandalwood.

Why we love it: We love that she’s naughty AND nice. The sweetness of violet and the soft innocence of peach blossom open with allure, but things really heat up once smooth vanilla settles into the earthiness of orris and sandalwood.

Perfect for: Spritzing before your couples’ holiday getaway.

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