5 Self-Care Tips To Make You Feel As Badass As Beyoncé


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Beyoncé is Queen – she can literally do no wrong! Not only does she work like a beast, she parties and takes downtime too, so who better to use as your muse to make 2020 your best year ever. To help you feel your best, most fabulous self, we’ve pulled five self-care tips and habits that’ll cost you nothing but will leave you feeling like Queen Bee herself. Next time you’re a bit ‘bleugh,’ make your way down this list, and you’ll be feeling FLAWLESS in no time.

1. Have a dance party

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Is there anything more empowering than dancing like nobody’s watching? Nope. So blast your fave song – for us, it’s a toss-up between anything Beyoncé (obvs), Cardi, or Ariana – and get down and dirty. If you’re really feeling the vibe, feel free to ditch your clothes and dance around in your undies: it’s widely believed that people who feel more comfortable naked have better body image. Plus, dancing is a major mood booster: the movement will trigger an endorphin rush, releasing happy hormones. It actually makes you feel better than other forms of exercise as it connects your body with the emotional sensors of the brain. Why you’re at it, feel free to sing along like you’re in the shower – just let it allll out!

2. Detox from technology

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As much as we love Instagram, it doesn’t always do great things for our self-esteem. In a recent study, it revealed that 90% of young Brits were most likely to associate Instagram with negative attributes and low self-esteem. The answer is simple – take a detox. Stop spending your days scrolling through Instagram and do a mood-boosting activity instead.

On average, we spend over an hour each day tapping through Instagram – imagine how much better you’d feel if you spent an hour with your squad or sweated it out at the gym. You can even try deleting the app for a week; we promise it’ll still be there when you get back. While we’re living the #detoxlife, we like to detox in all areas, which means eating clean and trying to cut out bad habits like drinking or smoking. We swear, once the week is out you’ll feel so much better. Beyoncé is a huge fan of the detox vibe; she regularly goes vegan for a month to cut out any nasty toxins or chemicals – if ‘Yoncé does it, it must be good!

3. Spread positivity and tell someone how great they are! 

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Did you know that receiving a compliment sets off the same sensory experience in the brain as when you receive cash? How crazy is that?! So spread some joy and positivity and the next time you’re feeling someone’s outfit, updo, or smile, and tell them. The happiness they feel is contagious, so you’ll feel it too!

How to stay positive: Having a positive outlook is so important, but it isn’t always easy. Whenever we feel like negativity is taking over, we take 10 minutes and find a safe space, then we either say out loud or write down what’s worrying us, then list three things we want to let go of and three things we’re thankful for. This will help break the cycle of negativity in your mind: it’s a tactic that US Marines use when they’re experiencing difficult times. We know it may feel weird at first, but we promise it works!

4. Have a cuddle 

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Do you remember when you were a child and disaster struck – you fell over in the sandbox, or someone stole your toy – and the only comfort you needed to feel better was a hug? Well, there’s science behind that, and it’s all to do with physical contact. The touch of another person is proven to provide a great deal of comfort: it triggers the release of serotonin in your brain (the happy hormone).

The positive impact of human contact makes total sense; it’s what connects people and bonds relationships, helping to build trust, gratitude, and sympathy. Regular human contact has even been proven to increase life expectancy and your annual salary! So the next time you need a little mood boost, give someone a hug or better yet schedule in some cuddle time with your friend or partner.

5. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first

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Scheduling in some ‘me time’ each week is super important. We get so busy catching up with work commitments, friends or other relationships that we forget to schedule in activities simply for our own enjoyment. Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, doing your nails or going to an art gallery, doing things that you enjoy, by yourself, is so empowering. There’re also studies that have proven that doing activities alone builds mental strength, makes you more empathetic, and can even make you more creative. We’re not suggesting being alone all the time, but scheduling in some ‘me time’ each week will make you a more independent person. Even if this ‘me time’ comes at the expense of a group activity, don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

Let us know how you give yourself a little mood boost in the comments below.