9 Sexy Scents To Get You On Santa’s Naughty List



Scented candles and rose petals can only take you so far when you’re trying to get your freak on. Fragrance plays SUCH a massive role in your mood, so of course, we’re rounding up the hottest scents out there for the holiday season. With winter nights come cozy cuddles, and these fragrance aphrodisiacs will help you smell as good as you feel. Disclaimer: it’s about to get REAL hot in here.

1. Billie Eilish Eilish Eau de Parfum, $68


Source: Billie Eilish Fragrances

Notes: Sugar, mandarin orange, cacao, vanilla, rose, amber, musk, and tonka bean.

Why we love it: Billie’s debut Eau de Parfum encloses you in a warm embrace of vanilla, soft spices, cocoa, musk, and amber. Vegan and cruelty-free, this sensual and cozy mix is Billie’s favorite smell in the world— and now, one of ours too.

Perfect for: Romantic moments by the fire on a crisp winter night.

2. KAYALI Invite Only Amber | 23 Eau De Parfum Intense, $138

1-Kayali-Invite-Only-AmberSource: Huda Beauty

Notes: Black cherry, honey de Provence, tobacco leaf, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla Madagascar, amber resin, and oud oil.

Why we love it: A few spritzes of this genderless, sensual juice can get things hot and heavy within minutes. Its rich oud envelops you in a warm embrace followed by a luxurious vanilla escape – perfect for a layerable jolt of confidence. 

Perfect for: A date night in, IYKWIM.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense, $124 

3-Dolce-&-Gabbana-Pour-Femme-IntenseSource: Dolce & Gabbana

Notes: Neroli, green mandarin, orange blossom, tuberose, and marshmallow. 

Why we love it: There’s something so empowering about this smokey, feminine fragrance that makes you feel like ‘THAT girl.’ This sultry addiction marries orange blossom and tuberose to create a musky vibe that stays lingering wherever you go.

Perfect for: A drive-in movie date if you’re feeling adventurous. 

4. OUAI Dean Street Eau De Parfum, $56


Source: Ouai

Notes: Mandarin, lemon, rose, magnolia, violet, amber, blossom, and musk. 

Why we love it: This fragrance bottles up the free spirit of London, and she’s a citrus bloom who inspires adventure. Revitalizing in every sense, it’s a burst of sweet power fit for a sunny day out. 

Perfect for: A coffee run before your workday begins. 

5. Diptyque Oud Palao Eau de Parfum, $188

4-Diptyque-Oud-Palao-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Diptyque

Notes: Laotian oud, Bulgarian rose, tobacco, labdanum, rum sandalwood, patchouli, camphor, and Madagascar vanilla.

Why we love it: A spritz of this beauty will have you swooning over oud wood’s meet-cute with vanilla and rose. Dusty and delicate, it’s an all-day winner for your fragrance wardrobe.

Perfect for: A day out that takes you from the arcade to the bar, and then the bedroom. 

6. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, $270


5-Frederic-Malle-Carnal-FlowerSource: Frederic Malle

Notes: Tuberose, eucalyptus, jasmine, coconut, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, melon, white musk, and bergamot. 

Why we love it: Twisting soft innocence and lustful sophistication, this fragrance is the epitome of mystery. Spicy notes blend into the milky comfort of white musk to enhance the comfort of tuberose. This editors’ fave will def bag you a compliment or two. 

Perfect for: Netflix and chillin’ with the boo…

7. Byredo Mumbai Noise, $144


Source: Byredo

Notes: Davana, Tonka beans, coffee, labdanum, sandalwood, and agarwood.

Why we love it: This fragrance will leave you wrapped up in a soft, nutty embrace, only to swirl you around in sweet mocha chocolate. It’s almost as intoxicating as a passionate first kiss.

Perfect for: A romantic stroll as you watch the hustling world pass by. 

8. Glossier You Eau De Parfum, $60


Source: Glossier

Notes: Iris root, pink peppercorn, ambrette, ambrox, and musk.

Why we love it: A single spritz will have you embracing sweet, woodsy notes before you eventually fall in love with the creamy gourmand that follows. This baby elevates your natural scent, making you irresistibly you.

Perfect for: A sandy walk on the beach on a sunny morning followed by a picnic with crackers, cold cuts, and wine.

9. Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, $136

2-Tom-Ford-Black-Orchid-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Tom Ford

Notes: Black orchid, black truffle, gardenia, blackcurrant, ylang-ylang, patchouli, jasmine, and orange.

Why we love it: Orchids just didn’t cut it for Tom Ford, so he bottled up the ultimate aphrodisiacal scent to wrap you in sensuality and opulence. Rum-soaked black plum paired with black orchid, woody patchouli, and creamy vanilla combine to create the most addictive scent that will have you dripping in finesse.

Perfect for: An extravagant dinner at the most romantic hotspot in town followed by dancing and wherever that takes you!

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